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  1. I can imagine they would re-strike it. They already have the dies and it wouldn't make sense to sell it at a discounted rate when you have the tools in house to fix it. Could be wrong though. Yeah thanks. To be honest I'm taking the ancient stoic approach of not letting it bother me. They said they would replace it and I trust they'll do just that. It's just a shame that it goes this way for so many, when the problem itself is easily fixable. I'm not sure what they meant about the 1%. I'm guessing that it means for the immediate returns they have that allocation available. Once the returns die down they'll probably re-strike the ones that are faulty and sell them on. Again this is a guess/speculation but it would make sense taking this approach.
  2. Received my sovereign yesterday, going straight back. Capsule opened in transit and spots/marks on obverse. Such a shame. RM have confirmed they have held back 1% of stock for returns FYI.
  3. 2021 United Kingdom Gold Sovereign (harringtonandbyrne.co.uk) There you go, should work
  4. Sorry to hear this, I know how you feel. Its gutting to say the least.
  5. Maybe, who knows, but I aim to have as much evidence as possible when having a conversation with them. I really need lockdown to end so I can go back to having a life..!
  6. Can anyone who had their order confirmed yesterday or today, please let me know if your confirmation email came after 9:11am. I think I've seen a couple who said they had their emails come through at 9:12/9:13 but I cant be certain and want to get my ducks in a row before I hear back (or call if no reply) from the royal mint. Thanks
  7. Congratulations to those who have heard on their despatch confirmation. I hope many more of you who are waiting patiently and anxiously receive good news!
  8. My order has been cancelled and my email confirmation was 09:11, I did not have a payment issue. Hope this helps @Kman . You may be in luck. I really hope as many of you get one It seems that the day itself was a bit of a shambles for the royal mint. I will admit the email prior was a shock but relief, but the system they have in place is just awful. I have emailed the head of customer services politely but firmly to highlight the payment issues people had, as well as my own gripe of being 2759 in the queue when first starting the queuing system, but not being able to get a 2oz silver coin with a mintage of 3510, when everyone is only allowed one. It doesn't add up. Ill keep you all in the loop of how I get on, I'm not expecting anything but if its true dealers get about 10 of them to grade and jack up prices afterwards, that's a dirty dog move for the colllecting community. I haven't mentioned that in the email as I have no proof but if someone does id be happy to highlight this in conversation. Good luck to all of you!
  9. It is frustrating to say the least for many, my Dad who is a collector really wanted one but had the same payment issues as everyone else, I was lucky to get one so I think I'm going to split the cost of mine with him. Money is just a number .
  10. The thing to remember about it though, is that it is pretty much a different language. When you have someone who has no experience in using this type of system, or has any background in it, its an extremely difficult concept at first. Especially when you have to understand that for every debit there is a credit, and then when you have the subsidiary accounts for business's they then go the opposite side to the general ledger! Its overwhelming for a lot of people and it was for me when I started. Like with anything, its practice.
  11. I have quite an interesting half sovereign that I picked up on the forum a while back. An 1877-M wide ribbon half sovereign (S-3863), part of a mintage of 80,000 but only thought 20,000 ever minted of the wide ribbon. Only about 50-60 examples still exist (apparently). Its completely battered so not worth more than BV unfortunately but I'll see if I can find you some photos.
  12. Hi All, Looking to move this on as I was hoping for a 70 but not to be. Bought from the coin connection and graded through Numi. With this sale everything is in mint condition. Coin looks great but if you need more pictures just let me know. Something that is hard to price as I can't see anything similar on the market with this grade at the moment, so looking for £750 which will include SD for you. Due to size and weight this will be UK only please, as well as bank transfer. I will try and get this sent out the next working day for you as well. If you live in London I would also welcome collection 😊. Any questions, let me know! Max
  13. Received my first 5oz silver coin from the coin connection today. Stunning! Will be sending off for grading I think!
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