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  1. You should definitely stick around Jim, your misfortunes are sad enough but for you to quit this forum would be a step closer to admitting defeat and loosing people who you can relate to on a hobby you've clearly enjoyed for decades. You have a wealth of knowledge from your years of experience and I for one would be very sad if you left the forum. Please stay and share this knowledge. And congratulations on your auction! Also you have nothing to apologise for. Max
  2. How I didn't see this I'm not sure, I wouldn't of bothered putting up another thread! Must be the long working hours! A good point made by another forum member on that thread was that its about the engravers, not the coin. So I think that's the Gothic crown out of the window. Trying to find other engravers with good reverse designs. Names would be great if you know some (apart from those in other thread).
  3. Received today from @arshimo2012. Absolutely stunning. Thanks again Ash.
  4. Exactly what this thread is for . You make a valid point about the designs above. This is why I suggested the gothic crown as hard to come by, low mintage, as well being argued one of the most beautiful coins ever produced. Although beauty is within the eye of the beholder!
  5. Afternoon All, With the Bitcoin halving passed I have decided to sell my spare Ledger Nano S. These are brand new still in there original packaging and have not been tampered with, they came straight from ledger themselves just these past few days. I have one for sale at £40 Depending on which part of the world you are from, I will consider international shipping but costs will be relayed onto the buyer. Payment can be sent by paypal F&F. UK postage either BT or Paypal F&F. Postage for UK buyers will be included at 2nd class signed for, if you'd like to upgrade the postage then it will be extra of course. These are a must if you have just decided to get into crypto and easy to install on your PC/Laptop. Thanks Max
  6. This is true, and a valid point. I suppose it could follow the lead of the music legends, only with one of each engraver instead. Care to wager a guess on who you think might be in the series @goldmember44? I actually don't know a lot of the engravers so share your thoughts and id like to research into them @Dragonnumis Definitely! A very nice coin, ill look into the engraver
  7. Curious to know if whether anyone has heard anymore about this series, I spoke to the Lady at the Coin Connection a few weeks back and she's heard nothing about the next one. Even if you haven't heard anything, I'd be curious to know what you guys think will be the next one in the series. Whether we will have another William Wyon coin, or another designer perhaps. I hope they put the gothic crown into this series, as they are stunning. Pictures below for those who haven't seen this coin.
  8. Is this a sneak preview of what's to come on the sales section @arshimo2012
  9. Of course, and that will be a struggle, Plateau's are a natural part of the process when it comes to all aspects of diet and exercise (well most things really!) Fantastic news about porridge and potatoes, these are low GI (Glycaemic Index) foods which will keep your blood sugar levels down, thus reducing the insulin spikes in the body and cravings for naughty things, which is good news for your goal of loosing weight! @Kman something I forgot to mention, your progress looks brilliant, well done. You should be proud of the progress you've made. You said that you wanted to gain "as much muscle as possible". I obviously don't know the ins and outs of your schedule right now but a couple of things that may help you, if you're not already doing them. Take a look a "power training", this is something that can help build muscle as it stimulates the muscles to work in an explosive way, which in turn requires more muscle (motor units) to push through those particular motions. This is why you see sprinters with huge legs, same the Veladrome Cyclists, because they work explosively. So maybe see if there is a training regime you can follow inline with your ability. If you're really serious about gaining a shed load of muscle, then have a look a "German Volume Training". This is a brutal yet highly efficient way of building muscle, as it focuses primarily on what's known as "time under tension", which creates more strain on the muscle. This again creates more motor units within the muscle cells to perform the actions required. This can be performed at home through things like push ups and squats. Make no mistake that if performed correctly with the right form, it is very hard.
  10. Like @sixgun I haven't read most of this, and what he said about Insulin is spot on. I personally believe that you can do it, because you have the willpower and solid reasons why by the sounds, so good on you! Something to look at about carbohydrates: What kind of carbs are you eating, if you enjoy them, like me, then there is a way around it providing you're willing to look changing the kind of carbs you eat. Eg changing from white rice to wholemeal rice. The key element of this is the difference between unrefined/refined carbs. Anything wholemeal/grain based means that the nutrients inside them haven't been taking out from being processed from the factory and all the nutrients are there to be consumed, as opposed to white rice which is effectively and "empty carb", leaving you much more likely to wanting to snack later because your body is telling you it needs more nutrients. Also take a look at the term "Thermal Effect of Food" (TEF). This will also explain what happens with certain foods in the body when consumed. There are some foods that make you burn more calories just by eating them. Hope this helps, good luck on your journey @Madstacks, remember to not get disheartened if you don't get the results you want straight away or feel like you're hitting a slump at some point, its a marathon, not a sprint. It will take time but I know that you can do it.
  11. Received this nice half sovereign yesterday from a forum member taking my total of gold up to 3oz! Most likely my last gold purchase for a while as I have been furloughed for 3 weeks. So this brightens the weekend ever so slightly!
  12. Although the silver you bought might have been shockingly expensive in pounds, it was worth the price in my mind. When you "invest" into things like PM's, it gauges your curiosity to want to learn more as to why you have done what you've done. This is why just starting is your best course of action with anything you want to do, as it sets your mind into motion of learning more about what you've just done. I did the same, I bought from the royal mint direct because I knew nothing about PM's and thought they'd be the best place to buy from to reduce risk of fakes. Yes it was more expensive, but since then I've learned so much about the metals and couldn't be more thankful that I payed £20 (including VAT!) for a piece of silver.
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