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  1. For sale is this lovely 2018 Sapphire Anniversary NGC graded PF70 quarter sovereign, no box or COA. Price is £160 which includes RMSD to your door, payment by bank transfer please. Below is a link to the NGC census so you can see other photographs of the coin. https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/5841584-074/70/ Any questions, let me know Thanks Max
  2. For sale is this lovely 2018 Sapphire Anniversary NGC graded PF69 half sovereign, no box or COA. Price is £260 £230 which includes RMSD to your door, payment by bank transfer please. Below is a link to the NGC census so you can see other photographs of the coin. https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/5841584-073/69/ Please read below I have noticed on this coin that there is a small haze between the horses tail and leg(please see NGC photos to see it properly), as its a graded I feel its important to mention this and as a result I have lowered the price. This came back to me from NGC like this and did not have any marks before grading. It is only in certain lights/angles that it comes up and very faint, it is not always visible. Any questions, let me know Thanks Max
  3. Bump open to sensible offers, including trades for bullion sovs/half sovs in equivalent value.
  4. For sale is a 3 coin sovereign proof set from 2018, recently returned from numi stacker. Full sovereign is 70, half is 69, quarter is 70. No box or COA After a thread I recently posted about a fair market value for these, the price is £950 £899 which will include fully insured SD up to £1000. Payment by bank transfer please. Below are links to the NGC website which will provide you with better photos so you can examine the coins properly for complete transparancy/legitimacy. Please take the time to look at the NGC photos if you are interested as they are better than mine! https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/5841584-072/70/ https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/5841584-073/69/ https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/5841584-074/70/ Any questions just ask! Thanks Max 😊
  5. Thanks all, will take a look at the Coin Cabinet now .
  6. Hi guys, After trawling ebay for this 3 coin set with NGC grading I cant seem to find anything, so could anyone advise on a fair market value for these proof coins? Looking to move them on at some point. NGC PF70 UC 1 Sov 2018 Sapphire Anniv. Privy NGC PF69 UC 1/2 Sov 2018 Sapphire Anniv. Privy NGC PF70 UC 1/4 Sov 2018 Sapphire Anniv. Privy Thanks
  7. Back from NGC this week with first lot of graded coins, very happy with the results!
  8. I never even thought of looking at it like that. Then yes you're right. However, going off of the whole "don't sell your PM's" thread, I'm in the category of reluctant sellers because of the whole situation right now, so is this something that I just need to bite the bullet with and split now, or hold off until the pandemic dies down, then re-assess. I'm not someone who wants to "time the market", its more of an insurance thing for me and my immediate family. I think what I could potentially do is bump up monthly payments into index, and hold off on PM's, in 6 months ill have another look at the revised asset allocation percentages.
  9. Fair enough! Any exposure to big miners at all or just junior? Noted, I'll have a look at the miner pick thread and see if I can find something mentioned that fits the bill a bit. The only thing I'm cautious about with the method of swapping one for the other is over exposure. I believe I saw something @vand said about having more than 30% in PM's is classed as such. Which resonates with me personally, but of course everyone is different and has different goals than my own.
  10. Ok this makes sense, I take it you use JGDAX for this? I can see though they are at quite a high value at the moment so I suppose another question to add to the pot is whether they are even a good buy right now? Again though, this goes back to whether investing/switching the money from standard equities to miner equities is a PM allocation, or Stocks allocation....
  11. Looking for more experienced and sharper minds than my own to give some advice on my current asset allocation and whether to use some stock allocation, to put into Minors/gold funds and further my holding on precious metals, or whether to stick to bog standard equities. FYI I only hold Vanguard Lifestrategy 80% in SIPP and ISA as I'm not someone who looks at charts every single day, I just want long term growth. Allocation so far is this: PM's (purely physical) - 21% S&S's inc SIPP, ISA and workplace pension - 26% Cash - 45% (house deposit and emergency fund) Crypto - 6% Other - 2% So now you can see where I stand with percentages, my question is, would it be prudent to get a holding within the mining sector through SIPP and ISA, by either holding off on buying physical/equities and switching the money I use for those, into something like a gold fund, to further diverse in technically both sectors? Would me doing so class as putting money into the stocks allocation, or PM's allocation, or both? I'm not game on buying one particular company as I feel that would segregate you from others in the same sector. For anyone wondering the cash, apart from emergency fund, is locked within an LISA so there isn't much room to play with in regards to that. I hope this makes sense, just need an outside perspective.
  12. My girlfriend and I had an amazing trip planned to go and live in New Zealand for a year in august, visa's accepted, flights booked, insurance sorted. Needless to say we were heartbroken with everything being cancelled/the borders closing, I doubt we will be able to go until 2021, even then we only have until 12th February as that when our visas expire. Hopefully they will extend if we cant go until after this time, but no guarantees of course.
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