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  1. I only know of one person personally who rents house out on a large scale, at a guess i would say easily 100 properties he rents out. Spoke to him a few weeks back hes a good mate from my childhood and he was telling me almost all his tenants were not paying. Now obviously i dont know what % hes talking about plus he might be slightly exaggerating to me. In the next sentence he was trying to offload his new g wagon off to me. Idiot bought a new lambo and a new g wagon in January and now he’s saying he really could end up ruined.
  2. Maybe try a inversion table. I got one a few months back and although i dont have any back pain there supposed to be great for that kind of thing. We all use it and my wee boy calls it the vampire machine 😃
  3. Put on 5lbs last week. Considering what I consumed all last week that actually not too bad. Had takeaway every night fizzy juice crisps chocolate everything and lots of it. This week back on the intermittent fasting and now feel as if i got wanting to eat bad out my system last week. No meat or dairy at all this week will still eat carbs but i plan on doing workouts everyday. Just finished 8 high tempo rounds on the boxing bag there. Feeling good and determined and also going to try the wim hoff breathing exercises.
  4. I know fine well it would be better to wait 1-2 years and see what happens but im more than happy to pay 90k now and just have it for the summer, dont mind if it goes down 50% because i wouldn’t see it as a investment.
  5. Was looking up leasehold and it seems it doesn’t exist now is scotland
  6. What is the worst that can happen realistically with a leasehold ? They cant just take a flat off you so what would happen. Also just thinking probably wont have a leasehold on it, was originally a old sandstone house thats been converted into flats.
  7. Flat ive seen guy wants 130k now obviously it’s looking like we are definitely heading for a recession. I plan to view this flat soon as the estate agent is open again. Should I wait it out for a view months or go in with a low offer right away. I really want it for 90k dont need a mortgage so no messing about quick sale. Even in a bad recession thinking 40k discounts the best i can hope for ?
  8. No i wouldn’t want to live in a sea side town in Scotland myself lol. Its just it take us about 40 mins each way in car to get to beach. So just going to buy a place and we will just do some weekends there in the summer, rest of the time it will just lie empty so looking at flats and ill just fit a security door that cant be broken open.
  9. No price change yet in my area, im actually keeping a eye on prices at the coast in Scotland. Since we have got our dog we have been going to the beach quite a bit and really enjoying it. So waiting for prices to drop and ill grab a place down there but no change yet. Seen this washed up on Wednesday it was a fair size
  10. What a horrible person you sound like, hoping the neighbour gets cancer and giving it the billy big bollocks you will buy the house just to rub there nose in it 😂 If you lived In a nice house you wouldn’t be able to hear neighbours talk from next door thats for small houses.
  11. So last night i was really bored, wasn’t even hungry but decided i was going to watch a movie and come off my fasting and eat some junk. Went to shop bought a 500ml cherry coke, 250ml purdeys drink and 4 packets of crips and 1 bar of chocolate and 1 packet of sweets, done them all and felt sick and as if my stomach was going to explode lol. Woke up this morning and expecting maybe 2lbs maximum put on but no ive put on 4lbs. Starting to think this fasting is not so good because i cant fast for ever and now wondering if i stop it ill just put weigh on like crazy. Think ill just need to go on a actual real diet of good food and exercise
  12. My friend who rents out properties in now really worried about this, said most of his properties are just not paying now. He's also saying if stuff don't go back to normal soon this could finish him.
  13. First though was that’s funny but then you realise its 100% true and actually scary that we live in a world that messed up.
  14. Week 3 finished and i lost 5 1/2 lbs this week taking my total weight loss to 1st and half a pound. This week i did 12pm - 2pm intermittent fasting, first two days was ruff about 9pm i was feeling hungry and having to go to bed feeling like that was not the best but after the first few days i felt great. Also i had cans of coke just about everyday with my food, had a burger king, kfc, india and Italian food all week so definitely wasn’t trying to eat good. This week im going to cut out all juice and fast food, probably still have a Indian and Italian eat out this week. Also going to try and get at least 5 workouts in this week. Want to see how much i can lost on the fasting if i put some effort in.
  15. No not every month lol. Just this month haven't bought much gold at all this year. After i get this month in ill probably get 10oz a month but usual place has went from 1% above spot to 4% and its pissed me off ive bought a alot of gold from them ovr the past few years.
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