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  1. Thanks again for the GAW. If I read correctly, was SilverSeekerNewbie the winner? If so, congrats!
  2. Thanks to @BackyardBullion for letting me know about this one, and obviously big thanks to Lr103 for the GAW.
  3. Interesting, I guess they are using AI to tailor these offers, which appear as banners above some users after certain activity.
  4. New code for 10% off https://pages.ebay.co.uk/vouchers/reac/ As before: The ‘Coins, Banknotes & Bullion’ categories are excluded. Min purchase £200.00, max discount: £75.00, valid until the 17th March.
  5. https://www.chards.co.uk/2020-george-iii-silver-proof-five-pound-crown/11867
  6. The Piedfort silver version of the George III is the one I really want.
  7. New code is only 5% PICKME5 https://pages.ebay.co.uk/coupons/2019/T92848/index.html/
  8. 10% off code is PROSPER10 NOTE: "Coins, Banknotes & Bullion" category is excluded, but not everyone lists silver in there. Most flatware and some poured pieces, for example. Min purchase £100.00, max discount: £50.00. Offer expires 10-Dec-19 09:59:59 GMT https://pages.ebay.co.uk/coupons/2019/T45847/index.html/ Hope this is in the correct section, apologies if not.
  9. That's fantastic, @kerrste . I am going to give that a go in future for same-year examples and, where necessary or possible, same-die. Nicely done, thanks! Cheers everyone. The ebay seller has legit coins too but they seem to have gotten a dud on that crown. I let them know.
  10. Yeah pretty sure it's a dud now. The dot after the IMP is off too. And the proximity to the crown tip and GRA dot.
  11. For comparison, the tail is way off, isn't it?
  12. Thanks, both of you. Sadly there is no edge image. If it was tell-tale sharp as the day it was made, I would be certain it was fake. Usually that's the part they neglect to add fake wear on, I think.
  13. Opinions, please. At first glance I didn't like his face and that tail. Victoria seems far too well defined around the edges of her profile, but I'm no expert. EDIT: Thanks for input, folks. Looks like a blatant fake then. It's on ebay, along with the seller's many other legit looking half crowns and hundreds of stamps and post cards if that helps. Thanks for any input.
  14. Just reviving the thread to say the price has dropped a little more, and they are doing a 10% offer on top of that, for anyone on the mailing list. Also, The Gold Sovereign by Marsh has dropped down to £23.61 (£21.24 if you get that offer email). https://www.bookdepository.com/Gold-Sovereign-Michael-Marsh/9781908828361
  15. The money you save off the RRP (and postage) should get you half at spot, give or take.
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