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    Canadian Silver Maples, American Silver Eagles, Britannia Silver Coins, RCM 1/2 oz silver coins, RCM 1/10oz Devils Brigade gold coins, 10oz silver RCM bar.
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    Sunshine Mint Silver Eagle

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  1. Thanks for the input everyone!
  2. I thought I was buying loose coins actually (didn't say anything different on the site), I think I paid a regular bullion premium for these and not anything extra for the grading or anything. Maybe I got a good deal...weird that the dealer didn't know that these are worth more though. How much more are they worth than regular bullion? Is this First Strike company a reputable grading company?
  3. I recently ordered some American Silver Eagle's and I was surprised when they showed up in sealed plastic cases. As far as I am aware these have no numismatic value and are only worth their weigh in silver. I have attached some pictures here, could someone explain what these cases are? To me they look like collectors cases but I dont think it makes sense to have generic ASE's in there. Is it ok to remove these from the cases? I was planning on starting a tube of ASE's so I think I would rather put them in there. Plus I cant test or hold them when they are in these cases. Not even sure how to g
  4. Just wondering about the spot price bar at the top of the site, does the number to the right of each metal price mean the up/down in spot price in the past 24 hours? So if it says -25.36 beside gold does that mean the price has gone down $25.36 in 24 hours or how does it work? Thanks
  5. Hi I am new to the PM world, I see lots of people referencing 'sovereigns' here, can someone explain what that is? Also what is VAT? Is that some kind of tax in the UK or something? Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, Just wanted to say hi, I am brand new to stacking silver and I am currently waiting on my first order of silver coins to arrive. It is very exciting to be part of this cool community! I always knew there was something wrong with the current financial system but never really looked into it. Bitcoin is what started me out on my 'economic awakening' and after being in that space for a little while I have found my way here as well. Personally I think the 2 compliment each other nicely. I was gifted a 1oz Sunshine Mint Silver Eagle for Christmas and as soon as I held it in my
  7. Hi there, I am also new to the forum and I could not find out how to edit my profile picture either. I did a search for profile picture and it brought me to this thread, I figure it would be better to post here rather than start a new thread. So how do I go about changing my profile picture and editing my profile like this person did? Thank you
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