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  1. No I did not, thanks. Out of I interest how much is one of you widely acclaimed boxes. ( honestly heard your name dropped loads of times)
  2. @GreatBritishBullion is based in Ireland I think and he sells at a reasonable price.
  3. Diversity is the key, for the dystopian future scenario. For me and my peace of mind I think it's a good idea to learn how to hunt, fish, trap, forage and butcher game. Practical skills and knowledge are just as comforting as a fat stack and great fun to learn and do. Very honest and humbling and there are more people than you think who can teach you these skills. Self sufficiency is well hard to sustain though so I'm hoping to keep the bushcraft as a hobby and my stack as a future tax free gift for my kids (post great reset). There will always be doomsayers telling you the end is n
  4. Yeah I'm jumping down that rabbit hole, a great idea with potential for some excellent (trippy) designs. I just hope they can do it justice. I will go for it anyway as one of my daughters is an Alice and the story is an old school favourite in our family. I've done my fair share of mushrooms so hopefully mine will get bigger 🍄🍄🍄
  5. Yeah, metal detector find in south Lincolnshire. I just hope there wasnt a bone in it when it was found.
  6. This WEEK I received loads, my postman has been like a fairy tale dwarf miner delivering PM's on a daily basis. A 2oz perth mint dragon with 2 x 1oz tiger and dragon coins. A 1oz gold 2021 brit A queens 95th birthday proof silver collaboration of the royal mint and Canadian mint. Bought in a fit of patriotism but disappointingly plain. And lastly my favourite, a silver roman ring nearly 2000 years old. My imagination runs wild when I hold it, priceless.
  7. Hello, I'm more a stacker than collector but i have all 10 of the QB's 2 oz and the 1oz proof completer and wondered if you have a retro fit box for the completer curve ball. Having the lot is bringing out the coin nerd in me and the set +1 would look good in one of your boxes if you have one. How much by the way as I am also a complete box virgin as well.🤔
  8. I know it's made in china but hopefully wont break the secound time I get it out and there is nothing digital about it😀
  9. Just recieved my new credit card. This bad boy is actually worth money, the polar opposite of my other one. 50g of stunning and quirky 999 silver all in a great presentation box.
  10. Recieved today from bullion by post this 5 9's 1oz Canadian call of the wild gold coin. The 99.999% purity is the main reason I like these coins, they are like spinal taps amp that goes all the way to 11. They are one 9 better than normal 24 ct gold 🤣
  11. 75 , it will be nice to have a credit card with a positive balance.
  12. Just 2 silver coins but undeniable beauty's. The Poseidon because it is awesome and the John Wayne because you cant deny the sentiment.
  13. Yeah, I'm going down another rabbit hole with the historical coins and there is a lot to take in. I got them from Duncan aswell and he was quite patient with educating me.👍
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