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  1. I carry fixed bladed knives and axes for bushcraft all the time but I am careful when I'm in public areas to put them out of sight. Im usually in remote locations though to be fair. I consider my knives and axes as tools and use them as such. I also work on building sites by day and find it ironic that most of my tools could be used in anger and therefore be classed as weapons. A shovel is a shovel until you hit someone with it so anything has the potential to be a weapon. It's the intent that makes the difference and why our laws are a joke. Most knife crime is probably committed with k
  2. I'm new to the forum but have been collecting/stacking for a few years now through conventional dealers and paid vat. I'm not worried as metals will always have intrinsic value where as fiat is being devalued at an alarming rate outstripping the vat and premium losses. I see physical gold silver and platinum as a store of wealth with a good chance of profit in the longterm and if I never touch it my kids can have it tax free. In short I think some longterm stackers are pissed about the vat but where our economy is heading at the moment I still think it is relatively cheap for one of the o
  3. Can you put me on the list for one of these gnarly beauties
  4. If there is a spare one please put me on the waiting list. And thanks for your realistic views on you tube without the hysterical predictions. Keeping it real. 👍
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