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  1. 20 peso Mexican coin 1919 915.00 & postage 10 peso coin 1959 400.00 & postage 5 peso coin 1955 200.00 & postage (sold pending payment) 1/20 Libertad 1992 100.00 & postage (sold pending payment)
  2. 2 coins at 30.00 each + postage
  3. 25 royal mint 2021 £725.00 that’s 29.00 per coin + SD postage
  4. Ready to be sent check details and will send accordingly Sorry mate though I had pm you not on thread
  5. Hi ya .. me again role reversal this time I am asking you a question question is would you consider another trade or do you need the cash ? I have 20 x 2021 maples ( same as last lot ) and 130.00 cash if your interested for all the bars
  6. Morning I have had a look at what you have and I am interested in some items mainly the quarter sovereigns with coa can you advise me please if what is still available please and how many of the Britannia’s and maples you are looking for off me so I know what coins I can ask to swap with cheers bud speak soon Andy
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