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  1. Yep. The liquidity and lack of high premiums does makes me think twice about buying physical. Especially in my current situation. Many thanks for your help
  2. Thanks, will have a read through for sure!
  3. Hi there, I have been looking to purchase some silver/gold, however as I am currently travelling its a tad hard to buy/sell the physical stuff. I was wondering if anyone has used BullionVault.com to purchase PM's? They seem legit and their interface looks quite easy to use but I wanted to see if anyone has any first hand experience with them. Also I cannot seem to find if the location at which the PM is stored affects the price? Thanks!
  4. Thanks. I suppose its all about storing it in a safe place where others would least expect it.
  5. Hi there, so after spending a few day on the forum browsing around my first set of 1oz Silver Coins should be arriving fairly soon. I would like to know what the best way to store silver and other PMs at home is. I do understand that there is a point where it makes sense to store PMs at a secure location or several secure locations. However I am nowhere near that threshold yet. How do you prefer to store at home? Cookie jars, hidden compartments or safes? Kinda stuck for of ideas... Also whats the best way to keep silver from tarnishing and milk spotting? Thanks!
  6. TBH all of my purchases have been from this forum so far. Right now my silver is more of a protection against inflation given Brexit. Going to look into getting some gold half sovs for long term money making. when I do sell it will be here.
  7. From the few articles that I have read it's possible that it might increase by another 2-3% if panic buying continues. Nice time to sell for people who purchased a few years back
  8. Interesting. What do you think the remainder of 2020 will hold for silver prices?
  9. Yep I agree. I managed to snag some silver at a fairly low premium compared to the current rate. Even after delivery was factored in. What price would a silver Britannia have to be for you to buy? Without delivery factored in. What's a decent premium for silver?
  10. Hi there, welcome to TheSilverForum! I joined the other day and have found a treasure chest of information and some very friendly and knowlegable people here!
  11. Nice idea. I have just purchased 5x1oz Silver Austrian Philharmonics. Beautiful coins. The idea of starting with silver does make sense to me. Easier to sell quickly due to its low cost and over time I will have more to invest in gold. Looking to save up for a Gold Half Sovereign
  12. Thanks for the advice! Will ask for ID and Proof Of Purchase for sure. As for storage then with such a small amount of Silver I will not be going to pay for storage. Will have to come up with some hiding place.
  13. That sounds good. I think that after this purchase of 5x1oz Silver Coins i will probably wait out for a few months anyways untill I can afford a Half Sovereign. From what I can tell unlike stocks and shares their is no real risk of loosing the investment out completely over the long term anyway. Quick question. How do you store your gold/silver and when buying from other members on this forum, how do you obtain proof of purchase to prove ownership when looking to sell on?
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