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1 Kg Perth Mint Pig


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Hello James

Thank you for your interest.

I fancied a pig as it is for my Great granddaughter who is a little obsessed with pigs. A Panda would be perfect as well.

I was a premium member of the Forum for some years but reverted to standard  as I sold all of my collection (due to age!) so I don't see the SF offers before they are gone now.



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One of the forum sponsors - Bleyer Bullion - have this advertised at a great price although it's currently out of stock and you have to register and join a waiting list to get one (£716.76):

1kg Silver Australian Lunar Pig Coin, 2019 (bleyerbullion.co.uk)

These limited edition one kilogram Silver Lunar Pig coins are produced by the Perth Mint in Australia.
Each 1kg coin is supplied as new in mint packaging and contains 1,000 grams of .9999 fine silver.

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