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Help with pricing some 9ct gold jewellery please…


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Hi all,

was chatting to my cousin last week, and was telling her about the forum when she mentioned she had some gold jewellery that she didn’t wear any more. She disappeared and came back with 2 bracelets and a watch!

Hallmarks seem to be 9ct gold, and she asked me what they would be worth… Not having a clue how to price them, I said I’d ask you folks - you were bound to know! ☺️👍

Can anyone help with the way to value 9ct gold? If she’d have had a sovereign, I could have made an educated guess 😂

I do have pictures and approximate weights etc, but didn’t want to just post them ‘cold’ as it might seem a bit rude.

Any and all pointers or information welcome!


(P.S will be listing on the forum once I have a way to determine their value, hence asking first)

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Not an expert, but from what I've seen listed previously then jewellery tends to sell for only a few percent above its spot value - unless its something exceptional like a big brand piece. 

So you'd need to weigh it accurately, ideally with a picture of the item on a scale. Multiply the weight in grams by 0.375 (9ct) and multiply that by the spot price.

Maybe try selling at say 2-3% over spot value and see what happens.

Good luck!

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Brilliant! 😁 thanks @TheShinyStuff - that will enable me to let my cousin know a value.

Only weighed on a kitchen scale so far (digital - Heston Bluemnthal no less! 😁) which gave us 37 grams for both bracelets. Need a 0.1g or better scale now…

The watch could be more difficult, not sure if the case back is gold 🤔 - although it could be on the inside of the case I guess…but watch bracelet certainly is - maybe a trip to a local jewellers is in order for that one.


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