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Selling silver to buy gold?

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With gold continuing to rise, all be it that it's under downward preasure to stay under $1400 right now, are peop,e selling sikver to buy gold, silver price is dropping right now as gold is rising..does that mean that the pm's owners are canibalizing their silver to get into the rise in gold?...are you?

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4 minutes ago, Gildeon said:

Wouldn't the opposite make more sense...? 🤔

Who is getting the media attention and so who is it that will get people to buy...the ratio says that you should offload your gold for silver ratio based only but silver is falling from increased sales accepting less for it, gold is growing from increased sales of people asking for more money....that would increase the ratio..if it was the other way round the ratio would be dropping as peolle demanded silver more then gold...I think either people are selling their silver or simply not buying it and favoring gold this minute.

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silver is a much smaller market than gold. there is

no correlation between the tiny movements of

people trading the gsr and movements in the price

of gold. gold is currently traded independently to

that of silver. silver is traded like copper now. once

a long time ago people have used both these

metals as money. that time is past.

the change in the gsr is due to people buying gold.

there is no change in the trading of silver, it's going

up and down like it normally does. silver is not

important, people need to recognise the lies that

physical silver sellers are telling when they say

that silver is important. recognise silver for what it

it, just another metal that is traded(or not traded).

the gsr is just another random ratio. there is no

connection between gold and silver.


those in the know won't sell silver to buy gold.

those not in the know don't have any silver to sell

cos they're not in the know. there is no extra silver

being sold. the gsr is going up because that is it's

natural trend and have been for decades or more.

the gold to silver ratio naturally rises. the gold to

copper ratio naturally rises. there is nothing special

about silver. by the same argument nobody is selling

copper to buy gold or any of the other metals that is

falling in comparison to gold.



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