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How Much Would the Gold from The Italian Job Heist be Worth Now?


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I just had a newsletter from one of our forum sponsors @BleyerBullion   this past hour I found quite good and thought I would share it to the community here. Enjoy :) 


* How Much Would the Gold from The Italian Job Heist be Worth Now?

But, let’s all consider that excellent question of how much really would the gold in The Italian Job really be worth today...
After some research:

The original Italian Job was produced in 1968 and released in 1969.
Gold cost $39 per troy ounce in 1968.
Today, the Gold spot price at time of writing is $1291 per troy ounce!
The value quoted in the film in 1968 was four million.
If so, the Gold in The Italian Job today would be worth a fantastic $132.41 million!!

Interestingly, in the 2003 - starring the equally cool Mark Wahlberg, a firm favourite of mine, the team planned to heist $35 million worth of Gold bullion.

So, the 2003 team were seriously behind the inflationary value of real Gold bullion!

Small fries to the original team!

Why plan only a $35 million heist when the actual gold from the original film was worth $130+ million by that time?

Hollywood downsizing on a budget, clearly!


* It Ain’t Heavy

The other question about which clients and business associates often joke with me, often over a steak in a nice Devonian business dinner is “And surely the Mini wouldn’t have been able to carry that much Gold huh?” So, let’s do it.

Let’s enjoy this very light relief – with a serious investment flavour – together over a cup of Great British tea. Mine’s an English Breakfast, thanks:

Four million dollars in Gold bars would have weighed about 3200 kg.

This would require each of the three Morris Minis to carry about 1070 kg (2300 lb) in addition to the driver and passenger.

Since a 1968 Mini only weighs 630 kg each of these vehicles would have had to carry 1½ times its own weight in gold.
Is this possible? That’s our pop quiz to our readers, particularly those with knowledge of the chassis strength of a mini.



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Thanks for sharing Paul, we are happy you liked the article. :)


Bleyer Bullion is the South West's local bullion dealer, serving the whole of the UK by phone and online. Bleyer offers friendly, expert consultancy and welcomes face-to-face appointments with UK customers looking for a more personal service. Please visit us at: www.BleyerBullion.co.uk.

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That stack of gold on the Bedford Coach looks to be about 3 feet cubed. Factoring in air cavities, I would say about half of the 3x3x3 feet ( 27 cubic feet ) would be gold. Perhaps more.

The specific gravity of gold is about 19300 kg/ cubic metre .

So the stack on the Bedford Coach, would be something like 7500 kg of gold. ( give or take  ) 

That's aprox 2500 kg per Mini Cooper . 


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