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  1. It seems to be fabric tape or glasfiber tape. That is much stronger than normal tape. It is not security tape, that is normally more fragile, so it visibil if someone has tampered with it.
  2. Wasn't that at 1200 UK time?
  3. Some very nice wood working from our own @Alun here on the forum. Privateer box to hold my collection. Superb quality, Thank you Alun.
  4. Perth mint is solid but I also like Elemetal Mint, la casa de moneda de Mexico.
  5. Hi all I have changed user name. From: seXes To: ifing I have used the same user name on many sites and I was blocked on one. They deemed it not "Family friendly", so I have/in process changing it on all sites. Have a great weekend ífing
  6. You really should. I was like you in the beginning, I even had a worse experience. Now I only use transferwise, for every money transfer in another currency. For e.g. a £200 transfer is the fee only £0,67, and you get good rates.
  7. ifing


  8. I have been using transferwise over a year. I like their service. It only cost when you send money, low fee and good/better exchange rate. Compare the exchange rate (I use www.XE.com)and fees. And do you really want to support paypal, who wants to dictate what youtubers/forums can say or not.
  9. Why not just do a bank transfer with transferwise or similar service? Paypal aint no friend to the little guy.
  10. Im sad to disapoint you. But this dude do not run 😉
  11. I got a gift card from @Nick1368, wanted to know if it worked from Sweden and it did. Ended up ordering a pair of personalised Nike Air shoes, will get them in the end of January. Thank you
  12. @Bullionbilly just to be sure. I and @Nick1368 dont exchange gifts? He will wait for his turn to be drawn?
  13. Today was my day to be drawn. Thanks to @Bullionbilly for managing all this. And thanks to @Nick1368 for my prize. Is it usable even for me as swedish?
  14. Have looked into how much, it would cost you using transferwise?
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