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  1. I would try your local pawnbroker/gold dealer once they reopen that is. Many people will be wanting to convert their pms to cash at this time. I went into a broker near me 2 weeks ago after work, sadly the bloke had just scrapped/posted a gold pound coin and a 1 oz gold bar. For those that remember Bullseye that old catchphrase 'heres what you could have one', springs to mind.
  2. I have coininvests london number if thats any help, haven't used in for a few years but worth a try. 020 36950335 Also current German anti-money laundering restrictions might cause a delay, I read somewhere that the current purchase limit without id had been reduced... It used to be 10,000 euro in any one year, cant recall what it is now.
  3. I would offload those fast, in a few years time people might see 2020 as an unlucky year or at least a reminder of a year they would like to forget. Cracking price if your selling.
  4. Reminds me of one of my local pubs, it was a bit of a spit & sawdust tied pub, the landlord ran into difficulties and invited all the regulars to drink the place dry as a last hurra. Might the same be happening nationwide on the weekend...
  5. I was listing some old notes on a well known auction house, and I was informed that Iranian artifacts are verboten to sell on the site. Seeing as I thought this was over streaching the make for a banknote which is most likely not even current, I changed the list title, but listed said item anyway. Has anyone else got satisfaction for floating petty rules?
  6. Personally, I would stick to bullion coins, whatever you can get for close to spot or under (if your lucky). By the time you have decided which premium coin to buy, gold will have risen again and you will kick yourself for not buying earlier. Also with numismatic coins do you have the experience to get back the premium when it comes to sell... Its much easier to go round local coin shops/antique dealers & fairs, I have picked up quite a few bullion sovs for a bit less than spot.
  7. Perhaps I can give them to the world bank to pay off the trillions of world debt!
  8. No mention of Venezuala's frozen assets or to put it another way stolen gold, held by the BoE. When will they get their gold back...
  9. In an ideal world I'd much rather travel by train or boat, but time and cost rule them out on a practical level. So when anti-gravity space travel becomes a thing perhaps then Ill make the switch but Im not going to hold my breath. If anyone doubts the possibility of antigravity travel then a book by 'Nick Cook: The Hunt for Zero Point' will make fascinating reading.
  10. Who says bargains can't be found at an antique fair, I also snagged a bullion victorian sov for less than spot, and a decent micrometer for £7!!!
  11. Been after some Zimbabwe inflation dollars for a while so when I saw these for £6 I had to have them
  12. Could be, according to numista they value a VF at $56, which is what this is condition wise. Although there are links to ebay (wishful thinking) slabbed examples for a lot more. Going slightly off topic I sold a straights settlement banknote for a fare premium, not quite in this ballpark figure, so maybe there is some nostalgia amonst Malaysian collectors...
  13. Found this on ebay by chance, which I am not bidding on. Having done a little homework it turns out that over 20,000,000 of these coins were minted so why the bidding war over less than an oz of .900 silver? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323935207918?_trksid=p2471758.m4703
  14. Yes they are very straight forward dealers, I have bought from them in the past, however just like any other merchant sometimes their deals are very competitive and other times not so much. I did have a small complication with my bank transfer, for which I had to go to the bank in person as my bank froze the payment. It was all sorted in the end my bank wanted the exact address of the receiving bank which I think was not originally supplied on metalmarket.eu I would recommend getting in touch with the seller and possibly getting in touch with your bank to check they have released payment. The service with MM was faultless I think I chose a 2 week shipping option which saved me £15 and the sent it in a week also they take sterling which makes things very straightforward. I even got a lovely cardboard custom presentation box for a bu perthmint gold emu, much better than slips that some dealers have used!😀
  15. If your really feed up of junk mail from H&B you could use the freepost mailers to send them a brick or anything else you might take down the tip! 🤣
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