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  1. Thank you for such a detailed explanation Pete, that clarifies everything I wasn't sure about. Very much appreciated, now I can't wait to try my hand at selling silver. Thanks again and have a good one!
  2. Thanks for such a detailed answer, now I understand and I know what to do. Much appreciated.
  3. Thanks very much for your advice, Centauri, this is extremely helpful. I suspect you're right that that's what Peter was saying about pricing, that makes sense. I also fully agree with what you said about reputation, it's why I started this thread because it's really important to me to start out right, I don't want to accidentally do anything that might be considered shady or dishonest - both for the sake of my reputation and also because that's just not how I roll. Can I just ask one more thing? You said I should always mention in the description if a coin has a problem - when you say "problem", do you mean literally any small scratch or blemish, or just more serious problems like dents or deep scratches? Thanks again!
  4. Many, many thanks for this Pete, you went above and beyond what I asked, lots of great info that I wasn't aware of before. I'll be reading this over this several times to help me determine how to proceed forward. For this purpose I was wondering if you could clarify two points in your post, if you have the time. You wrote: "Forget what prices dealers sell for as a private seller is not always likely to get the same." Do you mean that I will typically get less when selling a coin than a dealer would get for the same coin? You also wrote: "You should however always show clear photographs or if selling a bulk lot perhaps avoid stating condition other than regular bullion meaning subject to small imperfections, spots etc." So if I understand this correctly, if I sell a bulk order I should state the condition as being "regular bullion"? But I don't need to state the condition when selling individual coins, because there will be a clear photo of that specific coin? In that case, what if I make an ad for selling a coin, but mention that I have 20 or so of that coin available - do I need to show pictures of all 20 coins, since it's not really a bulk lot because I'm selling the coins separately? I hope I was able to communicate clearly what I meant. Thanks for bearing with me, thanks again for your terrific reply, and thanks for welcoming me to the club!
  5. Hello all, I recently started buying mint-sealed tubes of silver coins and selling the coins individually for a small profit, and I had 2 small questions: 1. I keep hearing that the best way to know a coin's true value is to look at the "sold auctions" on eBay. I was wondering if this advice refers only to the amount paid for the coin itself, or does it also include the shipping fees? For example, if a coin sold on eBay for 100$ + 20$ for shipping, should I be trying to sell that same coin for 100$ or 120$ ? 2. When buying sealed mint tubes of silver coins, some of the coins inside will inevitably have damage and/or milk spots. First off, is this considered acceptable or should I try returning the coins? And if I keep the coins, do I need to notify potential sellers that a certain coin has a small nick, scratch or some milk spots? If so, am I expected to sell it at a discount? I think we can all agree it's annoying to pay for BU coins and get a damaged product, but I'm hoping that doesn't mean I have to sell those coins for no profit or even at a loss. Thank you in advance for any help, it's greatly appreciated.
  6. Thank you Stefan! Glad you approve, it's reassuring to hear that you think I made a good purchase. And I agree, purity doesn't matter - as you say, silver is silver. Pure, sterling, junk, it's all fine by me. I hope you're right that the value will increase over time - I have little doubt that the price of silver will keep going up, but it would be nice if, on top of that, such a beautiful set eventually became more prized by collectors. I feel it is undervalued at the moment. Also, I'd completely forgotten that the Montreal Olympics were when Nadia Comaneci obtained her historic 10.0, that makes the set even more fun to own. Thanks again.
  7. UPDATE: I've bought the set! Ended up getting the guy to lower the price to about 0.25$ over spot, so I'm quite happy with the price and very happy with the set itself, it's gorgeous and in great condition. It also makes a nice change from buying the same tubes of generic rounds over and over again, while costing roughly the same as said rounds. So thank you all very much for your input! Reading your advice and opinions really helped me weigh all the pros and cons and make an informed decision, so I greatly appreciate it. Take care!
  8. That's good advice, thank you. I'd been leaning increasingly toward buying the set, but now you have me convinced. I agree, the silver content alone makes this worth it for that price. Much appreciated!
  9. Those are some very good points, thank you! I agree it's a beautiful set, didn't know they were proofs though, that's even better. Also, you mentionned "spot 925 price" - is that a different thing from regular spot price, or does that just mean I should factor in the 7.5% of the coins' weight that isn't silver? Just wondering, I'm fairly new to this.
  10. Good to know they're specifically good for stacking, as I have no real interest in their collectability. And the price is pretty reasonable IMO, but I'll see if I can't get an even better deal. Thank you!
  11. This is second comment on this thread telling me not to pay above spot, so I'll definitely consider doing that. I'll see if I can negotiate a lower price. Thank you!
  12. Thank you, I'll keep that in mind and see if I can get the seller to bring the price down. One factor to consider in my case, though, is that silver premiums in Canada are pretty ludicrous, and in the few months since I've started stacking, the best price I've ever found online was 6$ CAD over spot - and that was for generic rounds from an unpopular brand. So this seller offering me less than 2$ CAD above spot is pretty appealing. I'll see if I can get him to lower it, though. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks for explaining, this is very useful info - and I'm sorry you ended up selling at such a loss. Although in my case, the coins aren't milk-spotted at all, according to the guy selling them (I haven't confirmed this in person yet, though). His asking price comes down to 32.95$ CAD/ ozt (spot is 31.63$ CAD right now), which is roughly 1$ USD over spot, so I think in this case there's little chance of me taking too much of a loss if I resell it (barring the price of silver dropping dramatically, of course). And while I'm only interested in them for stacking purposes, I won't deny that those Montreal Olympics coins do hold a bit of a special meaning to me, as I'm French-Canadian (though I try not to let sentimentality or nostalgia decide when I make purchases, if they aren't worth it financially). So thanks for your input, looks like I have a lot to mull over.
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