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  1. 🤔 Sounds cheap to me. 😁
  2. Well it's old news that the royals are reptilians. So it would be strange if the coins didn't have such features.
  3. Agree, this one's the best of the ones presented. The ones that show more than one eagle are too "cutesy". Stop that! No thanks!
  4. Wash this man's mouth with colloidal silver!1!! *picks up pitchfork*
  5. Well this whole thing is a giant mess, the full extent of which no one has really understood. They've created this economic mess, and they're only piling on top it more and more magically created money. It only makes sense to turn that magic money into something actually worth something: preparation supplies, equipment, pay off debts, or things like that. Then AFTER that maybe turn it into silver and gold.
  6. Those are 40% silver, so yes, it qualifies as silver. I don't carry silver or gold, partly because it could get lost, partly because it's yet another thing to carry, and partly because there's no practical reason to. However I do have silver-lined clothing from Lambs. I have a couple of their shirts, a face mask, some underroos, and a knit beanie hat.
  7. Thanks for the info. I wasn't ever going to buy one of these, just had never seen one, and what I was seeing didn't make any sense. But as usual, you all are sharp as tacks, and ever vigilant!
  8. What sort of abomination is this?? It's .24 gold, or 24% gold, I guess? But it's 1/10 ounce total weight? So, 1/40 gold content? What a strange thing, which is even more bizarre with the queen's head on the American liberty bell. Wut?
  9. Yay, go us!! (what did we do, besides watch charts obsessively and argue about PM ideologies..?)
  10. Very good observation. That would make them even more valuable, not all marked up with tattoos.
  11. I would guess any well known coin would be a good one. I would lean toward Eagles, Libertads, and Pandas.
  12. There's zero consistency from officials in "protecting" people from any sickness. So any such claim has less value than rancid manure. It's probably to prop up the illusion that there's this globe-killing disease that we all need to be intensely afraid of, and to "encourage" us to comply. That said, I still have many $5 gold coins to add to the stack before I've caught up with all the varieties they've released.
  13. Concerning the original question: Yesterday was the best time to start something. But today is the second best time to start something.
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