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  1. Very nice! Congrats on getting such a mint specimen.
  2. I don't think it's that easy, just melting them down. Look up sreetips on youtube. He's a jeweler and he has tons of videos on how he melts and separates precious metals from things like electrical contacts, junk metal, etc. It involves various chemicals and multiple processes. Then again he often tries to separate gold from various alloys so maybe it's the gold that's the difficult metal. But silver seems like it takes a lot to separate from other metals.
  3. I wouldn't argue against that possibility. Though I prefer not to insult the bumpkin and instead call them "university educated". "That's Latin, darling. Evidently Mr. Ringo here is an educated man. Now I really hate him." Also, it's Freedom Fries, thank you very much.
  4. RacerCool

    US 50 dollar

    Yes please! I'll take a several of them and a handful of the the half unions and a bunch of the little $20 double eagles as pocket change.
  5. The details in Victorian era coins are amazing. I'm often amazed at how a talented artist can pull detail and dimension out of a small essentially two dimensional medium.
  6. RacerCool

    Pep talk

    A pep talk?
  7. How's that country song go? "No such thing as too much money A girl too pretty, with too much class Being too lucky A car too fast"
  8. Smurfette has a few choice words for you.
  9. Beautiful coin! Keep it, just buy more gold. 😎 I have one too but it's not from a shipwreck as far as I know. But it does have chop marks, so that's kinda cool too.
  10. I wasn't and still am not a regular watcher of SpongeBob but years ago I was sitting in this one cafe, just relaxing. They had SpongeBob playing on the TV and during one particular episode I simply could not stop laughing. I was laughing so hard I was crying and I felt like a complete idiot, and probably looked like one, but it was just too funny.
  11. As I was growing up I remember my grandfather and father finding silver coins in random change and saving them. So I've been doing the same thing my entire life. And when I had the means to do so, I began buying rolls of silver coins and the occasional gold coin, as well. That's how I was introduced to the concept.
  12. This could be the most accurate take on future possibilities. It seems the US money system is going to be completely digital in the near future. So then how do gold and silver factor in? So what we may be facing is likely unprecedented. I really believe we have no idea what things will look like. But I don't know what else to do to prepare other than to stack food, water, other necessities, and silver and gold.
  13. Not too terribly exciting but I added another 3.6 ounces to the stack, uncirculated 1962 vintage, fractionalized of course. I think I got a pretty good deal too, at about $35 per ounce.
  14. Yep, exactly. As an American I've wondered over the years whether the official stories we're told, the American mythology, are true or how true they might be. You know, the stories of George Washington, Paul Revere, etc, etc. Some of us wonder if there was any actual independence or if it was just another scheme by the royals, and if the DC Capitol is their London 2.0 or whatever, and it's just a new version of the East India Company. If that made any sense...
  15. For practical reasons I'd probably only buy gold in fractional coins. But I can't deny the beauty of a cast bar. They're stunning.
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