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  1. I don't usually see US junk silver priced as a multiple of face value. I just see it priced at whatever price they're asking. Then it's up to me to determine how much above spot it is, and therefore whether it's a reasonable deal or not. These days anything less than 20% premium is a good deal.
  2. Is this one of the offensive designs? I don't mind this one too much. It has an art deco look to it. But when it comes to Britannias I really like the design that's been around for years, and think it's one of the better looking coins around.
  3. 32 coins so far, approximately 5.5 oz
  4. I'd take them at $1 over spot! They'd be a good addition to the stack.
  5. I've been considering adding some Beskar to the stack. 🤔
  6. Yeah those are nice. Are they the 80% silver coins that were in circulation?
  7. Happy Easter! Now that would be something to have! 😲
  8. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and insights. This helps me see that I'm wasn't missing any important factors.
  9. Let's say I purchase a coin. It's nothing particularly special or rare or anything like that. For example, a 2015 1 oz silver Libertad. Let's say I bought an MS69 coin, graded and slabbed, because it happened to go for a reasonable price at auction, not because I wanted it graded and slabbed. But I don't have a lot of storage room so I decide to remove it from the slab and put it in a regular capsule, then place it in a tube with a bunch of other coins. Did I lose value by doing that? Again, it's not a special coin. It's just a bullion coin that got graded before I bought it. Was r
  10. I have kept most receipts and I take pictures of what I have.
  11. sixgun's owning this thread!
  12. Excellent! Good ol' Larry. Pullin' things like a boss since 2001.
  13. Experts are dime a dozen. My bottom line to all of it is, stack if that makes sense to you. It makes sense to me so I keep doing it. Any time I listen to a YT video it's never from a big expert, it's only from some small time stacker to see what he likes and if he has anything interesting I might not have seen or payed attention to before.
  14. I just got a roll of 1963 silver Franklin half dollars, uncirculated. Got them for a really good deal considering the high premiums these days.
  15. 1. What's your favorite category of gold coin(s) to stack/collect? - Fractional currency, such as US $5 half eagles (1/4 oz), and Mexico 5 pesos (1/8 oz). 2. For the ones among you who stack/collect old numismatic coins, do you have a (strong) preference for gold coins, issued by your own country in the past? - Yes, see answer in 1. I'm part white American and part Mexican so maybe that's why my natural preference is for those two national issues. 3. What's your favorite (approximately) size to stack/collect (1/10 ounce, 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1 ounce)? - Concerning gold, se
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