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  1. Oh maybe you're right. They looked liked dotted i's, ha ha.
  2. It's an 1853. MDCCCLIII M=1000 D=500 C=100 L=50 I=1 Assuming it's genuine that's not a bad price. I have one and they're an amazing looking design. I don't think they made the Gothic design after the mid 1850s if I'm remembering correctly.
  3. RacerCool

    925 silver

    Here in the US it might be different but all our coinage pre-1965 was always .900, never .925. I focus on the .900 because it is universally recognized as currency, and if it's going to be used as silver money then people will recognize it. These things weren't faked (or not widely so if ever) so there's no question that they're genuine.
  4. Maybe just build a safe in place, in the floor. If you know how to weld then buy some thick quality steel plates and create a safe. Then pour concrete around it. Sure it can be broken into but only by the most determined professional thieves, who will also probably be able to get into whatever carry-able safe you could buy. It'll deter 99% of everyone else.
  5. It carried 35 tons of silver. That's a healthy stack right there.
  6. RacerCool

    925 silver

    There's also the new series from the Austrian Mint that are sterling. Look at this thread:
  7. RacerCool

    925 silver

    Pre-1920 UK silver coins are sterling, I believe. Pre-Libertad Mexican onzas are .925 (Libertads are .999). I've shown 1978 version.
  8. RacerCool

    925 silver

    I still kinda don't get why people have a problem with .925 silver, especially coins. Maybe scrap is different since you might not be able to identify it as silver. But most of what I have in both silver and gold is .900, not even .925, let alone .999. It's always been that way. I've had to sell several times and have never had anyone even hesitate to buy it. Maybe that's partly because I mostly buy gov't issue coins, and people know what they are. Regardless, you have to buy what you feel comfortable buying.
  9. They all look genuine to my eye, but I would measure their diameter, thickness, and weight to determine if they are genuine. As others have said I would not bother to have them graded. Just put them in capsules and enjoy them. Though keeping them on a mantle or anywhere out in the open is an invitation for them to go on holiday somewhere. And just an FYI the $10 coins are legally called Eagles and the $5 coins are therefore half Eagles. Not to be confused with the modern bullion coins also called Eagles even though they are of different denominations. (Stupid choice of names by the
  10. I'd like to add 2 oz of gold to the stack. For silver I'd like to complete the Libertad collection. And complete the 2 oz Elemental Privateer collection, though the premiums on both series are consistently very high. I may just add more dimes and half dollars to the stack instead.
  11. The best time to buy was back then. The second best time to buy is right now.
  12. Nice work, except you're supposed to minus the "variance" not the square root. (Just don't do the square root and you're good) Otherwise I mostly agree except I'm inclined to divide Gold by the Mainstream Media constant.
  13. Welcome aboard. And yes, that's the main reason most people buy gold. The best advice I could give if you want to store wealth is buy whatever gold coins are widely recognized, and have the lowest premium over the spot price of gold.
  14. You interested in adopting any adult children? 😰
  15. RIP, David. On the other hand, I'd buy a nice 1/4 ounce van Halen coin if they made one.
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