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  1. Mexican onzas pre-1982 were 0.925 silver but they contained 1 onza de plata. (33.615 ounce total weight)
  2. This. The way I see it, since you're still new to the gold coin hobby, I'd suggest buying the 1 oz coin. You're getting FOUR times the gold for the same price. Get gold first, then later you can get variety, when you have a much better idea of things work with gold and what you prefer.
  3. That's a great idea. No one will examine every single coin. They're just a bunch of coins and they see that every day.
  4. Governments and the elites see gold as money and as a store of value. Hence it will continue to be the go-to trading currency no matter what other currencies are an option. So it depends on what you're gathering PMs for: investing in the market, or storing or preserving your wealth? If it purely or even mostly to store wealth in non-paper forms then gold is your better option.
  5. Here's a good shot I got during the most recent lunar eclipse. I think it turned out nicely:
  6. Currency coins like dimes and quarters are kept in plastic tubes (instead of paper bank rolls), and premium stuff like Libertads are kept in individual capsules then put inside larger tubes. All are kept in watertight ammo boxes with silica packs.
  7. For some of us PMs are part of the second tier, Safety needs. Economic safety, that is. A hedge or a protection of assets.
  8. If just considering silver and gold, then by weight 2.4% is gold and the rest silver. Add in the approximately 200 ounces of copper and that percentage drops significantly.
  9. This reminds me of that country song by Daryle Singletary, "Too much fun" : "Too much fun, what's that mean? it's like too much money, there's no such thing! It's like a girl too pretty with too much class, Being too lucky, or a car too fast. No matter what they say I've done I ain't never had too much fun!"
  10. For me, if it's not 90% or better I won't buy it. But if you happen to find a good deal for the price of the silver itself, then a good deal is a good deal.
  11. Yet another time "they" have manipulated things against the best interest of humanity. They're just doing what they do.
  12. Which could point to it having been cleaned at some point.
  13. 🤔 Sounds cheap to me. 😁
  14. Well it's old news that the royals are reptilians. So it would be strange if the coins didn't have such features.
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