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  1. Ok thanks for the quick response, much appreciated.
  2. Thanks Billysilver, just scanned through the page, so do I need to start paying the monthly fee to buy coins? I'm not a business or sell anything I'm just a regular Joe who wants to have my money replaced by gold instead of it being stuck in the bank.
  3. Hi What do I need to do to buy gold sovereigns on this site? could someone point me in the right direction please. Regards
  4. Thanks Martlet, additional belt and braces is what I need, thanks.
  5. Sorry for hijacking this thread earlier with my question but without it I wouldn't have found where I wanted to be. I got my answer and piece of mind regards cash or gold. Physical cash isn’t subject to counterparty risk but is still subject to inflation. In 1920, £20 and 1oz of gold were worth exactly the same, and could afford the same amount of goods and services – a Savile Row suit. Now, in 2021, 1oz of physical gold is worth more than £1,300, and £20 won’t even buy you a decent necktie. Physical gold has maintained its purchasing power far better than cash, and with inflation set to
  6. As you know I'm new to buying gold and here's my dilemma, I'm buying gold sovereigns like a kid buying smarties. I've spent £5k up to now and will probably spend another £3k by the end of this month, total £8k. If the gold price stays as it is around £1366/£1400oz and I sell them to the shop I bought them from at the end of Jan 2021 I will probably make a loss of approx. £500 due to below spot value to him. So where does the word investment come into the equation, I would have been better to leave the £8k in the bank surely? or is it a longer term investment say 5/10years and hope gold is £2k
  7. There's all sorts of gold coins being sold. https://www.easyliveauction.com/catalogue/305a1a9d8dc2abd25cce82cc30dfff5c/0af8d24542e81eb9357e7ef448a6646f/gold-coin-auction-no-buyers-premium-or-online-bidding-fees-/bid-live/
  8. Hi I'm just wondering why bidders are paying over £400 for a standard gold sovereign or am I missing something.
  9. Being new to buying Gold coins, £1400/oz is pretty normal to me but I guess to those that were buying at £700/oz these prices may stop you from buying more. I'm into British motorbikes and I used to buy them 20 years ago for £100 for a BSA or Triumph but now have to buy them at £1000 for a knackered bike. Not sure what I'm trying to say here but things change and things go up in price. I might say the same thing in 20 years time i.e. I used to pay £1400/oz in the 20's but have to pay £2500/oz in the 40's. If that makes any sense.
  10. Just bought two sovereigns at Chards for £333 each and within two mins they have gone to £335. Blimey it changes very quickly.
  11. Does anyone on here sell full sovereigns cheaper than Chards at £336.
  12. His feedback was excellent until this point. Oh well just got to wait until the 8th till I get my money back.
  13. No it's not looking promising that I will receive the sovereign which should have arrived yesterday.
  14. Thanks Realwealthuprising, just noticed the Alderney link.
  15. Being new to gold stacking is it worth the £180 that I paid.
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