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  1. A lot of mine are grade C from Chards, and are in fantastic condition and usually come through my letter box within 3 days. I also have a few other sovs from other companies which aren't as good.
  2. A few Best Value Half sovs available at HGM at the moment, £156 each.
  3. Can't seem to upload anymore? must have gone over the Mb's.
  4. All these from Chards, BBP & HGM, I quite like the randomness of the dates, adds a bit of excitement when opening them.
  5. Sorry 😉Yes it's so frustrating to see the out of stock, It's just the luck of the draw when I check the sites out, every day last week I checked and none were available apart from this one. Checking Chards this morning and I got two. Check loads of times a day and I'm sure you will get them.
  6. Another cracking full C Sovereign from Chards at £292. Hope this downward trend carries on until next pay day!
  7. Yes Silvernewbie, I've had quite a few C's over the last few months and all are in great shape.
  8. Just picked up one full sov earlier for £292 from Chards, happy days. Hope this downward trend carries on for a few weeks/months.
  9. No Sorry, these were from HGM not BBP
  10. Had these two last week for £306 each in fantastic shape, to be honest I've not had a bad coin from them yet.
  11. Ok, sounds good to me but won't be selling anything for at least 15 years when I retire 👍
  12. What is the best way to combat the scammers? take a close up photo of the coin and let them know before they buy that you have proof/evidence that the coin they receive is gold and not to send back a fake?
  13. Good man, I like the mature model 🤣 even if it comes with a few 😄 dings.
  14. 7.9g is 7.9g, you buy what you like but spot is still the same.
  15. Best value sovs different to the above low grade
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