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  1. Amazing! Thank you so much to everyone for the congratulations and to TSF for the great prize draws 😀
  2. Hi RII1288, Although I am currently sold out at the moment, please find my latest eBay prices below to help. For forum members going forwards I am happy to take orders direct from here once I am restocked. If you would like I can send you a message when I have more 10oz capsules in stock with updated forum prices and quantities? 1x £4.99 3x £12.99 5x £16.99 10x £22.99 Kind regards GoldenBrit
  3. That's the name I recognise, thank you for your order @theylivewesleep27 🙂👍
  4. Hi @theylivewesleep27 Not that I can recall from your forum name against my recent buyers, however I will be happy to assist you with any capsules needs in the future. So you know my eBay account is also named 'GoldenBrit' to keep things the same and easy *thumbs up*. If selling through the forum I can certainly do cheaper prices as there will be no eBay fees. Ideally PayPal friends and family service be used for payments but could accept bank transfer too dependant on buyer preference. Regarding delivery I do not charge extra for this (one price for item and shipping) - I tend to us
  5. Hi @theylivewesleep27 Thanks for the message and unfortunately I have just sold out of my last capsules tonight. I will however be placing a new order to restock, but at the moment will be unable to confirm a date when this will be due to recent shipping delays and Covid. I have my capsules and package quantities listed on eBay but if you’d like I can message you on the forum I have these capsules back in stock if you would like? Kind regards GoldenBrit
  6. Hi All, I have a number of Direct-Fit capsules and holders I ordered from the US (described below) up for sale. Prices are as seen, inclusive of postage and can be shipped within 2 working days after payment is received. Payments by PayPal Only. Please drop me a message if interested. (5) 5 pack of Direct-Fit H39 capsules for 1 oz silver coin - £5.99 - RM 2nd Class (4) 5 pack of Direct-Fit 1 oz bar holder capsule - £5.99 - RM 2nd Class (10) 1 pack of Direct-Fit 10 oz bar holder capsule - £4.99 - RM Signed For 2nd Class (3) 3 pack of Direct-Fit 10 oz bar holder capsule
  7. Hey @Leonmarsh, Not sure if you are still looking for a 10 oz capsule, I have just had some Direct Fit Air-Tite recently shipped from the US. I have put the measurements below in case it helps. 10 oz - 88.9mm (height) x 50.8mm (width) x 6.35mm (depth)
  8. Hey RII1288, Not sure if you are still looking for some capsules, I have some H39 1oz and 10oz Direct Fit Air-Tite that have recently shipped from the US. I have put the measurements below in case it helps. 1 oz - 39mm (width) x 3.175mm (depth) 10 oz - 88.9mm (height) x 50.8mm (width) x 6.35mm (depth)
  9. Welcome to the forum @DukeSilver 👋
  10. Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening Everyone! Where every you are in the world I hope you are safe and well during these unprecedented times I am a new member to the forum ("Hello") and have found topics a great wealth of information and ideas. Lets see what the remainder of 2020 brings for precious metals.. All the best! GoldenBrit
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