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Registering on the forum - how to contact the forum if you don't receive the validation email

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Problem with some AOL accounts returning emails. There seems to be a problem with some users not receiving validation or notification emails to their AOL email accounts. If possible please register with a different email address from an alternative email provider. 

If you have already registered and have an alternative email from a different provider, please email me from your AOL email you used at registration (same email for security reasons) and with the details of your alternative email and I will change it on your account.

Alternatively you can contact AOL and ask them not to block emails from [email protected] which are sent from a yandex server.

Or If you registered with an AOL email and don't have an alternative email;¬†I can manually validate your account if you send me an email from the same email you registered with. But you will not receive any notifications from the forum of private messages and replies to your topics etc, so it is advised if you could please provide an alternative email or contact AOL and ask them not to block emails from [email protected] which are sent from a yandex server.

You can also use the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the forum to contact The Silver Forum.

You can also try the steps detailed below.


ALL other members If you don't receive the validation email...

The email severs have been moved so there should not be any problem validating members from now on (other than from some AOL email accounts as stated above). However, please follow these steps if you do not receive the email validation email.


If you have registered on The Silver Forum and have not yet received the validation email to confirm your email please do the following:

1. Check your spam or junk folder, it is possible that the validation email is in there.

2. If there is no email in the spam or junk folder then please email me from the same email address you used at registration, I can then manually validate your account. My contact email is: [email protected]¬†you can also contact the forum via the contact form.

3. Add [email protected] to your email whitelist so that future communications from the forum aren't blocked by your email client



Once your account has been manually validated you can then log into the forum and will have full member permissions. 

This post only shows to guests and validating members, once you have logged in as a full member this post will be hidden.

My posts are my personal opinions, they do not constitute advice or financial advice.

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