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Buying Small gold


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5 hours ago, BryceKanowsky said:

Is it worth buying small gold like 1 gram pandas or half gram wedge tail eagles? At that point of that is all the gold you can afford, why not just buy a 1 ounce silver coin.

in my mind the answer is no. The premiums are so high on those tiny scraps, you would be better to save up until you could afford at least a 1/4 oz gold coin in the US or here in the UK a half sovereign. Even if you have to wait four or five months before you can afford these size coins, and even if gold increases by more then 20% while you are saving, you will still be buying cheaper gold.

But I've always got this fact in my head. Gold and silver will eventually go above their historical highs, and currently Gold is about 33% below that high. However Silver is currently 65% below its historical high. It seems that more money can be made by stacking silver at the moment. The only downside being that no one knows when these highs will eventually arrive. For all I know it'll be another 50 or 100 years before it happens

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It depends - the smaller coins are quite liquid and so retain their premiums, so it can be worth buying them if you think you will be able to sell them on and get your premium back, though nothing is guaranteed. That is my experience with them at least. If you want to purely invest in the spot price of gold then it involves saving up and buying lower premium bullion as HT says. 

May I ask which is cheaper in the US - a Mexican Dos Peso (1/20 oz) or the equivalent value in silver when premiums are considered? I have heard that the Mexican coins can be bought for close to spot even the fractional coins, perhaps these could be the answer?


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I like the 1/10th size up to 1/4.. 1/2's unless they are fairly collectible are a little more difficult to sell than the others. The dos peso is $50-$60USD I believe. It is a bit lower premium than others. I wouldn't recommend the 1g at high premiums unless you are a collector. The 1/10th even with their premiums are very effective and affordable.

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