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Counterfeit or Replica?


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I don’t wish to name and shame them publicly but two reputable British bullion dealers have chosen to sell counterfeit Saudi guineas on the pretext that they are replicas. The NGC which is involved in grading and slabbing coins clearly lists those Saudi guineas as counterfeits, not replicas.


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Difference is legality and whether there is deception.  The legality is vague, something things may be breaching copyright or other laws.  With money there is the legal tender aspect.  Deception is straight forward, are you being sold item as original or copy. 

Compare with another product, car parts. You can buy most car parts made to pattern, these are replicas.  Put them in a manufacturer branded box with matching part numbers, serial numbers, they are counterfeit.   Interesting thing here (and many products) is they may even be coming out of the same factory, often the knock-offs are rejects, made on the machine out of hours or on old machine "decommissioned". 

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Or as is often the case in the semiconductor business.... Straight off the main production line and out of the door. Huge money being made by individuals. 

I know a component broker, who with one manufacturer, is getting 1kpcs/pcm of a $100 device for $20ea.

They spend $500kpa with a product manager from a huge semi fab. The guy probably has a 6 figure salary and must be getting millions from this.

The industries most open secret. I contacted said manufacturer and told them we both know I could get the device for x, forcing them to buy back their own business. Only done it as I heard that a big order destined for a Turkish van plant never have made it to transit. The product manager bottled it, due to huge volume and they had a line stop. So as I had a large order, went front door, at back door price.

Mrs THT worked in the fashion industry and the far east suppliers would over produce and then say if the brand didn't buy the excess, it would end up elsewhere. Hence not all 'fake' designer gear is really fake. Most is cheap copies, but some is off the same line as the legit stuff.

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