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  1. Because he lost control of the country to rebels. The gold backed currency theory ignores that a) it did not happen in isolation, there was the wider Arab Spring event and he might have won the civil war, and b) with about $7bn of gold, he didnt have nearly enough do this for own country let alone pan-Africa. That is not to say he may have had aspirations of such a plan, which would rely on other African nations trusting him to control their economic prospects, unlikely to say the least.
  2. Flirting with weekly 50MA, this week will set a new tone if it goes below. Nothing in the charts indicates support, only macro news wishing for stimulus.
  3. No. Longer answer, there isn't much point starting wars over gold when it comes out of the ground and into the market anyway. It's an odd inference to make anyway from the Zerohedge article, which is concerned about who the global regulator/authority is and what they might do. UAE will comply with the regulations, or if that's such an imposition, start an alternative market.
  4. Break of the support gives a target of ~1650.
  5. That first Eagle is really good, if it translates to a pressed product it will be a great coin. The bottom image looks like a sports logo, pretty sure thats early concept art not going to production.
  6. Any agreement will see a positive response to sterling, probably to around the pre-referedum level around 1.45. That's about 10% up, anything more is unrealistic. A failure to agree a practical trade arrangement will see 10% drop to 1.20. The market has been rising, indicating optimism of a sensible agreement being reached.
  7. Few factors, first in the face of downturn people sold gold earlier in the year, not in position to buy. Thats why they hold it in the first place, to sell in bad times. Second, if you earn less you can afford to buy less, and if prices rise the volume sales drops for the same value, which impacts demand. Third cultural effects, noted in video 10g bar is popular, it may not be a case of buying smaller, you simply have to save longer to afford the conventional size (this would be applicable for gifting). JP Morgan spoofing is evidence of short term price front running, where the target i
  8. Interviewee states jewellery is down 50%, and thats half of physical demand, so about 25% drop. Verifiable data must be available for that, so check rather than write off because it doesn't match up to expectation. If you dont know how prices are manipulated, how can you know they are?
  9. Gold is a hedge against risk. Vaccine news means economic risks are likely to reduce. There's likely reduced stimulus next year as economy recovery takes effect. Also that recovery will increase demand for commodities that are consumed, so prices rise.
  10. Increase to VAT across the board, possible, even likely. Target increase on silver near zero, more likely to see made exempt (though not likely in current circumstances).
  11. Answer in bold, there is more competition from VAT free buyers. Not that i've seen these £23-24/oz coins, an outlier on ebay.
  12. Normal circumstance, either wins and market goes up, they dislike ambiguity and like certainty. If the result is close, contested votes etc, it will hurt markets for same reason. Gold could benefit from this, hedge against uncertainty. But we have the virus too, thats putting pressure on all assets and favouring cash, do nothing outlook.
  13. Looks like a mint error, premium? I dont know why you are giving the Royal Mint such leeway. There is no quality control, thats covered in problems that a basic manual look would show, doesnt need a technological solution. That ding has to be from the die or blank, could be whole batch affected? They simply need a real QA process that rejects coins not lets them through.
  14. The stimulus is exhausted now, waiting on politics in US to determine what next package will be. If Democrat get their way, its likely to be more but targeting business, states, unemployment, with less direct cash to people. This is not as inflationary or giving cash for people to drop on assets. Markets seem to be expecting this, hence $ strengthening. Though strengthen is a stretch, more like no longer weakening.
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