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  1. Brexit had an affect on £:gold price as the pound fell dramatically, dont see it would have much direct effect on gold prices. Trump was risky, gold is hedge against risk, but that came after the rise of gold in early 2016. Thought might be something middle east, nothing stands out. Just market cycle.
  2. Not only not buying but selling metals. That is why they buy it in the first place, to sell in tougher times.
  3. Value of sovereign decoupled from £1 worth of spot gold a long time ago. Presumably 1931 possibly before.
  4. Might be if we win. Though RM will be bound to release something (or 11, including striker on the day) and thats were the future interest would be.
  5. I start reading around the Basel III change though got lost in the weeds. Suffice to say gold bugs talked up the impact, on the understanding that banks must increase collateral against unallocated gold holdings. This over looks that banks dont need to hold gold on their balance sheets, they simply drop their unallocated gold position rather than meet the collateral requirement. The major bullion dealing banks hold gold for clients, not on their own balance sheets, so shouldn't be affected.
  6. As @LawrenceChard highlighted, getting a live price feed from a market is expensive, and comes with restrictions. It seems likely the API service feeds websites use are second or third hand, the primary and derivatives markets being aggregated along the way. Tradingview for example only has various CFD market information on free service, for metals, commodities and many other instruments.
  7. When do the new Sovereign releases usually come out?
  8. Well both the gold and silver showed Out of stock just, now change to no longer available and awaiting stock. The gold set does look lush in the frosted finish, and not too bad pricing. Though i suspect the future value will be in a broken up sets.
  9. And.... they're gone. Nice stealth launch, funny how often RM do this.
  10. I was going to post about this. It was painful, without spare cash watching all those nice coins go like that. Lesson learnt there isn't a liquid market for general proofs.
  11. Its not the correct definition though. This is expansion of the money supply. Its possible for money supply to increase and inflation increases at lower rate or not at all (as we've seen most the past decade); or inflation can occur without increased money supply (as happened frequently under gold standard). This isnt something that has changed, its always been a complex statistical reporting, the point of it is to give an approximation across the whole economy. Individual goods and services are subject to supply and demand, technical advances and costs of production, that will raise and lower their price independently of other factors in the economy. A chocolate bar might rise 500% in 30 years because increase cost of materials and labour abroad, cost of shipping and production, cost of marketing, and ultimately because the market will let them (large chunk of retailer margins).
  12. But that's not how inflation is calculated, it uses a range of goods and services to arrive at a weighted average. If you track one item you'll be way out of alignment. Inflation number is a benchmark for prices, some things will be more, some less. Everyone's personal inflation will be different because we buy different weights of goods and services.
  13. FTSE 100 was 620, so a tracker fund would be up 1200%. Tracking the stock market is best long term, beats everything because it prices in everything..
  14. You are confusing underperforming with undervalued. Is there a sensible analysis for silver being valued less than it should be?
  15. I don't think any offer deserves a response other than a polite, professional decline.
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