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  1. Its down to the auction houses, they get trade as these rates, I suppose they are geared towards general antiques and bric-a-brac. Many seem to be in the dark ages, uninterested in the large online market. I was bewildered watching one recent as about a dozen coins went at about spot (including fees), no information on delivery (or response to email) kept me from bidding.
  2. Sitting around support line, next stop down ~1880.
  3. Are we saying my order for 10 1oz Griffins @ $1909 might not come through?
  4. I'm not sure why this error has persisted in our community so long, but VAT is charged on vaulted silver in the UK. Services offering VAT-free vaulted silver are storing it in vaults outside the EU, in Switzerland or Guernsey for example. Unfortunately Royal Mint Digital is stored onshore so charged VAT.
  5. Common devices are too small to induce much of any residual energy getting through, and most are shielded anyway (to prevent emission of EMF). Example, computers, servers, are metal cased and earthed in civilised parts of the world. The risk is to power. And satellites - they are toasted. If you had a TV connected to a long aerial that might get a nasty power spike.
  6. My understanding is there is quite a lot of provision for this in the power grids, with devices across the network that absorb/cut network to mitigate the impact. They are the same used to protect against lightning strikes. Individual, non-wireless devices would not be affected as they are too small to absorb enough radiation to damage them.
  7. Again? Is it 6 mths since the last redesign? Hopefully it will improve, as was quite awful navigation.
  8. They keep emailing me asking if i want to complete my purchase.
  9. I had low expectation for this one, its come out alright I think.
  10. Tea leafs suggest we are going the other way.
  11. I have seen bits of spotting and toning on random stored coins from different mints. Meanwhile, a Brit i keep on my desk regularly handled, not a trace of either.
  12. I blame those testing but not buying, clogging up the server
  13. At 0803 I had a 1oz gold in basket, showing "awaiting stock". Sadly cant afford and pulled back, I was mostly interested in how well the site was holding up.
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