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    The Gold Standard

    Cause or effect though? If view gold as a hedge against risks, makes sense that in times of good economy, low incident of risk, gold would be steady.
  2. No one is taking funds out of highly liquid crypto, with all the volatile gains, to put in low liquidity metal. It just isn't the same risk profile at all.
  3. There's likely a bit of a rotation play about. What was performing selling off, what was underperforming being bought. Not based on much more than mood of the market. The wider macro-economic picture doesnt really give clear signal.
  4. Yeah, binding for you. I doubt they'll honour this price.
  5. The cost for mining an astroid will be extremely high, making it uneconomic at first. Then they'll make it scale and the cost will plummet, with virtually no variable costs (energy, labour, transportation, royalties etc). The target will be for base metals in bulk with an angle on being environmentally friendly, gold and silver will come out of the tailings for free. It'll take time to get there, when it does it'll flip economics of minerals very quickly.
  6. Silver and gold do not track inflation very well, up or down.* It's an old trope from the days of gold standard. What metals do is provide a hedge for wealth preservation against hard falls of market, though even then we see them suffer in short term events. Some may blame manipulation, this only makes the case if the price is held down, it is not tracking inflation. Some will claim its undervalued, however if its tracking inflation the value is what it should be relative to economic value. * Silver is about twice the 1970 value adjusted for official inflation, gold about 7x more. So is the manipulated up or down?
  7. Its very simple, because such a mistakes made over Saville and others, they wanted to ensure they weren't behind if there was another. Because people beat up an institution over the mistakes of individuals, the institution goes into assertive defense. What went on at institutions was insidious as well, do
  8. My observation is critics of BBC do so because they've been told its bad, its left wing, etc. They dont actually watch much to form an independent opinion, and listen to radio even less. They'll cite a fringe example from thousands of hours of material. Or get all bothered they have a gay couple on Strictly, but not actually watch Strictly. The main news covers the same headlines as the other channels, the regular programming varies in quality but isnt overtly political, save a few programmes. Essentially no different to any other broadcaster or channel, except Channel 4 (which is deliberatly and purposely alternative). Radio can only comment from memory (BBC1 trash, BBC23 dull), though Radio 4 is a beacon of proper journalism and good comedy. Really the only problem is the licence, I can understand the objection there. It's a shame they don't recognise their commercial strengths and licence more overseas to fund the free service in the UK.
  9. I dont understand is why they bothered with the queue. It seemed false to me, very slow to change and apparently people far lower than I was failed to get on and order, while others seemed to get in.
  10. This queue is weird, basically stuck in same 100 range for half hour. Odd because the sovereign queue was about 4 times longer to start then cleared quite quickly after 9:30 as people dropped out. Are people sitting their admiring their selection?
  11. $1690 Setting up a nice head and shoulders, if it falls through, support is around there by end of month.
  12. On covid, a few things. Delta variant is the Kent variant thats more transmissable though lower danger than earlier. Variants are discovered all the time from across the world, however nearly all the sequencing is done in Europe where they have the expertise and equipment. Example even the original Covid was genetically sequenced and identified in a German lab. The latest variant was found a couple fo weeks ago, the identification release earlier this week. It takes time to go from sample to full sequencing. The fear is there are an awful lot of mutations in this variant, several seen before in more danergous variants, and some new. However there is no real data yet on whether this i more transmissible or dangerous to infected, nor data on vaccine response. The market reaction is all due to fear these will be worse. Trade accordingly.
  13. I honestly have no idea what you are talking about now. I was talking about the DXY, an index calculated from currecny exchange spot trading. It goes up when traders sell currencies to buy $, it goes down when they sell $ to buy other currencies. Its a usful tool to determine worldwide sentiment on the strength of the $ in the market.
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