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  1. It'll spike up. It always goes up in response to geopolitical shocks. Then in following weeks it will level off to trend.
  2. Money creation has zero direct effect on gold. It springs forth into accounts for institutions to give liquidity and hopefully lend. The amount might have an indirect effect on gold, depending on how much money and a dozen or more other economic or geopolitical factors. And speculation, never forget the daily (even weekly) prices are much about traders speculating what will happen next. I say hopefully lend, because having all that money sitting on bank balance sheets means its not doing much useful. Part of the reason we haven't seen much inflation the past decade is a lot of the liqu
  3. Yet the market price of silver has consistently and persistently stayed around the levels it has for years. That is reality. Consider a basic TV would have cost around £250 in 1980, today a superior basic model would be £150. Adjusted for inflation it should be £800-£1000. Are prices of TV not reflecting reality or are they fair market price? Not everything goes up in line with inflation. So apply Occam's razor, has the entire silver market been suppressed, year after year, in an open market with thousands of participants looking for advantage, or is it fair market value?
  4. Would be better to think of it as a private bank. People invest in the bank providing service (KVT), while them and other hold some assets on deposit (KAU, KAG). People who've deposited spend some of their money incurring fees, that goes back to the depositors and investors. Its recycling the depositors own money, with 0.45% inefficiency. Its competing in a tough market, where so many card services offer discounts rather than fees to the card holder.
  5. In UK legal tender, that is £ denominated gold bullion, is already CGT exempt. Not quite. You do offset losses but cant offset costs. The difference is a loss is only realised on selling the asset, costs are when you buy. So if you sold coins for profit of £20k you'd pay tax on the £7500 profit. You offset loses on some you sold for less than cost price, or losses on shares or other assets.
  6. Criminal. Just complete the census, its no big deal, the authorities know all about you in a day if you ever become a person of interest.
  7. The fee amount doesnt even equal VAT on the cost of the coins. Odd how they can get away this, you hear about the fees from EU imports and its a similar story.
  8. Larger market, higher turnover, can sustain the business and overheads with tighter margin.
  9. You could select a group of goods and services, sensible range of things like daily and weekly shop and the bills. Need to weight the items to reflect how much spent on them, track the prices across a range of sites each week over months. Or just follow the CPI or RPI that does all this for you. Your personal inflation will never match it because you dont buy an average of everything. If you want an early indicator also look at Producer price index.
  10. OK, I dont see a problem that means I wouldn't buy from them. This morning they will sell me n x 1/10th Brit and 1 x 1862 sov, for any value. I see a crude program, probably knocked up by a gold naive coder, not a serious investment tool. Is it intended to fleece passing investors or poorly made? I reckon the latter, if they wanted to fleece punters they wouldn't be offering Krugs at +2.7%. And if they want to shift their 1/10th stock they'd put them on offer. Maybe feedback to them its a poorly designed tool and they'll change it. Their site has long been a mess for pricing, suspec
  11. I dont see a problem, they charge more than you'd pay for something you dont really want, so dont buy them. Most dealers have similar erratically priced items, for some its not even erratic, +10% is normal pricing. I note HGM doesn't do volume price discount, so showing their 1 unit price, its just simplistic software.
  12. Scarcity in the ground doesn't really tell you the full story. The distribution is uneven and cost of discovery and economic recovery changes. Silver for example is often found with copper or nickel and much comes out of as a byproduct of mining those metals. The amount may be too small to have been economically viable on its own. There is then demand for product, it may be that Palladium is more difficult to find or expensive to mine and demand outstrips the supply of the active reserves. And then there is simple speculation sending prices up or down.
  13. Because the ancient aliens that created us through genetic experimentation, put in our genes the desire for gold, to collect and horde it for their return. Or something like that.
  14. Good idea for a series if it is, nice lot of material to work with.
  15. Sounds to me its time for an alternative to eBay. There's a few pretenders out there, they dont do what eBay does well (Keep it simple!) and dont gain the network effect.
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