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  1. Or can understand the difference between demand side and supply side pressures. Like, for example, price of oil going up not because of demand increasing but supply being restricted.
  2. Some one did manage to extract the numbers for the first 3-4. Then RM decided it was a state secret and wouldnt share anymore. Search interwebs for freedom of information request relating to Queens Beasts.
  3. You'd have to read the wiki or other sources for the detail, its a bit obscure. Its to do with the seperation of state and Fed and what the government can do. The Fed can and does issue notes, with rules. The Treasury, that has the debt, and isnt allowed to issue notes but can issue coins.
  4. I was trying to work out if this is bonkers or genius. I read that its technically plausible, though seems like pandora's box. The more legit way to do it would be to sell the coin as a numismatic interest, since there arent many trillionaires around, do a $billion coin. Sell a few hundred for $2bn a pop, ultimate collectors item.
  5. This issue is all about silver, both for the full effect.
  6. Only affording one in gold I think (like i'll even get in the door), portrait is far more preferable.
  7. I'd go with a mix of sets and seperate. Covers the market better, sets only would make them expensive. I'd also expect a higher mintage as its effectively two seperate issues.
  8. LMBA is a group, so they are not exempt. Their members, banks and traders, may have to concern themselves with Basel III. The banks holding on account for others shouldnt be affected as it's not their asset. The banks holding for ETFs wouldnt be affected as they're allocated (officially at least), and not on their balance sheet. The banks holding on own account for their balance sheet will be affected.
  9. Couldnt let that pass, Thatcher a Keynesian?
  10. There's a difference between supporting and accepting. I do the latter and treat metals as a hedge against a reaction to the excess. As part of that acceptance, I dont buy into the thesis that, with a playground of trillions of $ in hundreds of different markets, there is a group out to suppress two markets long term. It is difficult and expensive to push down prices over long periods, I'm yet to hear where the unmet demand is that's being suppressed all this time.
  11. I can see the problem here. Theres a difference between how one would like things to be, and how the world actual works. We adapt to it or howl at the moon about how wrong it all is. That is lunacy.
  12. I'm confused as you are the one making the claim. Presumably volume for a lot silver was traded, good job it wasnt physical as that would really suppress the price.
  13. Trillions of derivatives in so many different markets, say a market can do this, quite legally. The question is where can market demand not be met without price impact over time. Why are there not buyers in secondary, bidding up physical at ever increasing prices above the market rate? Isn't that what you'd expect if there were so much unmet demand?
  14. There's a rational explaination, that market only want the derivative, not the physical product. You can continue to believe demand that is unmet with price unaffected, with no spill over into secondary markets. I cant.
  15. Bottom line is price reflects wider supply/demand of the market. Whatever shenanigans in the daily price action, if buyers cant acquire the product they require they will raise the price until their demand is met. So the silver price approximates to supply/demand. If as claimed its suppressed, there's either huge unmet demand that just accept not obtaining their product, or supply that continues to under sell their product. Its irrational and nonsense this state would be stustained.
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