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  1. Classic fake MO, the goods are untested, not sure, maybe plated no refunds. This is to not fall foul of Ebay rules, knowingly selling counterfeit items. If someone even suspected they were real you'd have them down the pawn shop or webuyanyoldgold.com. I think there are a few genuine cases of unknown valuables out there, odd bit of silver in a pile of old coins, a rare sovereign sold as bullion. But far, far more is trying it on. My favourite is a chap from Essex who's been selling a dozen house clearance lots every week for over a year, house must have belonged to Scrooge McDuck. The thing to look for is the fonts, they are just not right on fakes and the definition of hair in Krugs or Sovs, is too deep without enough detail. Look on a couple of dealers then compare to "House find" ebay lots and its obvious when you know what to look for.
  2. Martlet

    The coming Gold crash

    So miners from across the world, Russia, Chile, Australia, Canda, Mexico, South Africa, are bound by law in the UK to buy futures in the US? Interesting, i'll look further into this legislation.
  3. Martlet

    The coming Gold crash

    Really, what laws would those be, can you cite any?
  4. Appears its only absentee bid via EasyliveAuction, no live bidding. I think it might have been a bit last minute arrangement, only saw a notification this week.
  5. The problems with chloroquine were voiced and published almost as soon as Chinese proposed using it, a French study was stopped early because of increased heart problems in patients. That is why Trump was ridiculed, he was proposing something when the qualified advice was this wasnt a good treatment.
  6. Ah, but the EU are quite happy for chlorinating salad produce, just the meat from US they have a problem with. Its all about the protectionism.
  7. I see. I would be minded to bet against this year given the circumstances, after all there must be 13% when it doesn't correlate, and that represents the better value.
  8. So why did you think Trump would win, and how did you arrive at 87% chance?
  9. Martlet

    The coming Gold crash

    So according after a day of further circular debate, we learn that if inflation is 10%, currency supply increased by 10% in the past year. no more no less. I wonder if there is any data to prove this?
  10. The great flaw in all technical analysis, events. It is tea leaves, though i enjoy it and when you see the patterns work, especially confluence of two or more, its becomes compelling. Really the best use is to give guidance on entry and exit price targets.
  11. Martlet

    The coming Gold crash

    You've decided to reject basic economic theory, so its pointless to discuss. Only want to point out in model you are presenting, there can be no inflation or deflation in a system with a gold standard. History tells us this is not true, so the model must be wrong.
  12. Martlet

    The coming Gold crash

    We were talking about definition of inflation, not money supply.
  13. Martlet

    The coming Gold crash

    I can help out with velocity too. MV=PQ Money supply (M) * Velocity (V) = Prices (P) * economic output (Q) If you increase money supply, while velocity reduces, prices and/or output reduce. Velocity amplifies the effect of money, since the economy is larger than the total money supply.
  14. Martlet

    The coming Gold crash

    Ok, so you calculate inflation by increase of prices, not by the amount of money created. This acknowledges prices, not amount of money, defines inflation. Otherwise you'd look at the money supply and measure that change.
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