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  1. Premiums were as low as 20% for popular silver in February.
  2. Martlet

    The coming Gold crash

    Manipulating how much is mined?
  3. @Darr3nG Could be currency, mainly different sources for the data. Trouble is there isnt a single source, with various exchanges and major CFD platforms offering markets. I use Tradingview and there's 6 tickers for XAUUSD, 3 for XAUGBP, none of them LMBA or CME or eastern exchanges where metal actually trades. I believe the authority for spot is the am/pm fix on LMBA, rather out of date for internet. Sorry not much help, short version I go with Atkinson website.
  4. Martlet

    The coming Gold crash

    Worth noting at the time of creation of the sovereign (1816 Coinage act), £1 was 20 shillings. Those weigh 5.6g each so 112g, less than a third of a troy pound. And thats sterling silver, so lose 7.25% silver. Silver was not legal tender for values above £2 as a result of the new coinage too, interesting for all the what is money debates. Comparisons of gold to silver values through history fall apart as soon as you dig into detail.
  5. I dont believe the argument made is the financials are a scam, but the green angle is not as good as pitched.
  6. Martlet

    CPM coins

    Anything from CPM or H&B, special offer loss leaders aside, is certain to be over priced and found cheaper elsewhere.
  7. Fractional shares is a thing because a lot of US stocks trade at very high nominal values, so small investors cant buy a whole share. Online brokers pool many together (and take a slither for thier trouble). You just trade on £ value you want to invest and the platform allocates amount of share(s) for that value. That's it, nothing to learn except how to pick winners and avoid losers If you want "high risk investment" you might want to look at high growth funds or ETFs rather than chase specific stocks. Use (not necessarily trade) Hargreaves Landsdown to get information, a lot there easy to digest, though their trading fees are high.
  8. Well thats not an advert for their service. Sell and exit, no good reason to give them 10% and cost another 20% in the process.
  9. Hope they deliver the full 36 kilo and not short change you? I wouldn't take a large bar if you dont want it, I'd sell the allocation back to them, buy gold of same value with the cash to avoid the VAT. Dont know what tax situation is (in Spain?), you may be able to book the loss against any other profits made or carry forward for future.
  10. @vacancies I see the key word "collection", so assume you are not looking at bullion. Yes, there's some premium to non-bullion sovereigns, that may be quite high and they might not be so easy to move on for the premium. Same probably applies to any non-bullion priced coins, you pay a bit extra for a specific year but come to sell you are waiting on that buyer, or need to take a lower premium to move quickly. Maybe need to just get a focus on what to collect (monarchs, shields, countries etc)? Or simply have a play with other coins, that is the fun of collecting over stacking for PM value alone.
  11. Along with high premiums, and poor navigation of new website, I've come to conclusion Royal Mint doesnt want to sell anything direct.
  12. To be fair at £39 thats a far better deal than the sovereign weight for £800, though still ~70 premium.
  13. Nice goal post movement. Applies to commercial loan with covenants. Not applicable to domestic loans (assumed that was the subject), probably not on simple "domestic" buy to let.
  14. Incorrect, the LTV only used when applying for the loan, repossession only occurs when repeated repayments missed without agreement. Negative equity is really only a problem if you need to sell, otherwise keep making the repayments and lender doesnt really care.
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