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  1. SGLN iShares physical gold That's what I'm in. Seemed best (imo) overall at the time. Have some wisdomtree too.
  2. They sell (Baird) gold, not sure about silver. I started a topic on it some time ago, take a look. Still reckon any Thameslink train to Farringdon is your best bet.
  3. Train to Farringdon, couple of minutes walk to Bairds and HGM, plus many others. Costco MK or Stevenage, if you are a member.
  4. TopHatsTales

    Sold all my Gold

    I meant "green" as in 'eco friendly'. Well, that was my interpretation of their marketing. Interesting thoughts on watches, thanks.
  5. TopHatsTales

    Sold all my Gold

    Bora BR99 has chrome barrel, so good with steel and slug. Section 1 though. Might upset the country set on a shoot. Have seen (walked past) 'green cartridges' at shows. Didn't think they were steel. What are they and can't they be used? I shoot mainly 6.5CR at 600-1000yd. My 12ga doesn't see much daylight, it is a Baikal, you Purdy guys can only dream of such quality. I got it in a bundle of other items, must be worth nearly £100. Keep thinking of buying a half decent 12ga, but I just don't do the discipline often enough. Back on topic... When equities, PMs and crypto are a
  6. Just put a years SIPP contribution into SSLN this afternoon, so that's the kiss of death for silver. Still had last years sat in there in April, put it all in SGLN. Currently up 15%. Looking at the rest of the portfolio, HSBA, RDSB, EZJ, IMB etc, PMs are saving it. GSK up from the stocks. Smith funds also OK.
  7. Just got mine, exactly 3 weeks.
  8. There is usually a (at least) 5% off code available.
  9. Esafes.co.uk Used them a couple of times.
  10. I've heard that too. Certainly an.idea if things go bad at home. Remember my FEO telling me a story of how he 'had to' take someone's guns away due to some unfortunate event, that wasn't directly the result of the licence holders doing, but a family member in their household. Think he was just trying to scare me. Still, that said, I know someone under the same FEO who does things which are asking for a middle of the night visit, things which are widely known and public. They even argue with the FEO about variations and have gone over their head to HQ and asked for things the FEO has
  11. Fundsmith and Smithson were doing amazing for me. VG Life strategy, aligned to your retirement age is good, especially if you have time on your side. Have Lindsell Train too, got in the same time as the Terry Smith ones. Can't get near them. If you think the bottom is here, get in, if not, hold fire. I couldn't get near Terry's performance with the shares I chose. But DYOR!!
  12. Has anyone done this? Experiences? Also, what is the situation with tax and/or duty buying gold (Sovs/Brits) from Apmex? I got something from them, when I started out, but don't recall the experience. I know there should be nothing to pay to the courier or hmrc. But have people been stung and was it (easily) resolved? Anywhere else offer UK gold coins, payable in crypto, without high costs?
  13. Paid 10% on a card and just BACS the balance. So, now I wait.... Says 3 weeks, but have others received silver sooner?
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