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  1. Hello guys ! I'm a magician and I'd like to get a few Morgan dollars in order to perform coin magic with some shiny silver. I bough 10 kennedy half dollars from here in the past, and it was a very good experience. So, if anybody in Europe has 5 Morgan dollars to sell, let me know ! Enjoy your day, Nicolas
  2. Nah, just regular coin work, nothing too fancy... I should look behind my nephew ears, usually there are some coins there !
  3. I'm sure i'll find some one this forum ! Do I need to make a post in the buy/sell section ? Nicolas
  4. Thanks a lot for the welcome wishes !
  5. Hello ! I'm looking for around 10 kennedy half dollars, 1964 if possible ! @5huggy , I'd love to perform the famous Onion ring illusion Best regards, Nicolas
  6. Hey guys ! I'm new here, from belgium To be quite honest, I'm not a collector per say.. I'm a hobby magician ! I'm here in the hopes of being able to grab some nice coins for my coins routine, so I'm looking forward to it ! Best regards, Nicolas
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