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  1. 50 silver dimes some of them have the D mint mark and some have S mint mark will come in a tube all in great condition Buyer choose postage at their own risk
  2. Sorry to hear that, your loss was certainly bigger than mine, and I was still pissed
  3. I used transfer wise recently to pay in EUR from my Sterling and it ended up costing me and extra £17, not sure why as it stated the fee for using was only €2, I was paying €510 and it ended up costing me £450 which surly isn't a good exchange rate
  4. Jamesstott93


    I'm not even rising to the challenge, you clearly have a much better vocabulary than me 😂
  5. Jamesstott93


    He has not mentioned anything about who is liable, I didn't really creat the post to help with who would be liable I created more on the Royal mail side of things and to see if anybody had experienced this before, however all the information given is much appreciated, and has touch me a thing or two, hopefully it will show up and all will be well, I will give it 30 days from the original postage date, if no silver has shown up I am prepared to give a full refund or the same amount of silver, because at the end of the day I did not put on my advert that the postage is at the buyers risk, also the guy has paid and if he doesnt receive anything, I wouldn't feel right in myself, like I say fingers crossed it shows up 🤞 Thank you for you reply James.
  6. Your right about the air it seems some what cleaner up here, I can throw a ball from my front garden onto the beach, I can't complain really, by the beach with my daughter and get to indulge in some lovely silver from time to time 😍 also a note to add is @Silverdocket is an amazing seller and a pleasure to deal with 👍
  7. Welcome, nice to see somebody from North Wales, Moved up here about 7 months ago with my daughter from Manchester and haven't looked back since, also the forum is a great place to be, I was massively over paying before I joined
  8. Jamesstott93


    I'm very new to this forum so I didn't know the process very well, however if it is infact lost I will give a full refund or the equivalent in silver, and I will just see it as a lesson on buying and selling lol James.
  9. Jamesstott93


    He has plus 337 next to his name so he is a lot better reputation than I do, and from what I can tell is a nice guy, fingers crossed that royal mail are just taking their time and the parcel is safe and sound, however If it comes to it I will take responsibility on this occasion and in future when selling I will state that the postage you choose is your own risk, plus the last thing I want to do is received bad feedback on the forum or to come across as somebody that people don't want to deal with, as I very much enjoy being a member of the community and dealing with you guys, so I won't risk that for the sake of £165, Thank you for you help James.
  10. Jamesstott93


    Hopefully it will turn up, there are some amazing pieces of silver in there, be such a shame if it was lost. Thank you for you reply James.
  11. Jamesstott93


    Total agree it's my responsibility, unless otherwise stated, even then I'd probably still refund, as I would feel bad haha James.
  12. Jamesstott93


    I just found it strange as I posted a parcel to another silver forum member at the same time also second class signed for and he has already received his silver James.
  13. Jamesstott93


    Thank you all for your replies, the buyer simply stated that he was happy for the cheapest signed for, if it does turn out that the parcel is lost I will either replace the items or refund the buyer, regardless who the liability lies with as it's the right thing to do, and if it was the other way round I would certainly not be happy if I was to pay £165 and not receive my item, and to be fair building a good reputation and feedback on here is worth more than £165 to me, hopefully it will turn up and everybody will be happy Thanks again guys James.
  14. Jamesstott93


    Hi guys, I'm very new to the silver game so I'm looking for some advice, Back on the 4th Jan I sold some silver using the forum, the buyer chose the cheapest signed for postage which was second class signed for, I contacted the buyer today and he still has not yet received his silver, I contacted royal mail to my surprise they seemed very helpful, the guy on the phone confirmed that the parcel had not yet been delivered, but as it is only signed for postage he can only see when it was posted and when it has been delivered, he told me they have a time period before the parcel is considered lost, so if the parcel has not been delivered by the 20 01 20 then it will be considered lost, and I would have to make a claim and provide them with proof of sale IE the messages between me and the buyer, also proof of payment IE bank statement, and proof of postage which I also have, Does anybody have any experience with this happening to them or anybody they know? Can the funds be retrieved, how long does the claim process take ect, Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks James.
  15. Hi guys just looking for some advice, I have a chocolate tin full of old coins from old one pence to half pence, six pence, do you think they may be of interest to members of the forum? Most of them are British from the 18th century I have no used or interest in them, do you guys think they may be worth listing for sale?
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