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  1. Vantax

    App Recommendation

    Hi all, Not having a lot of luck finding an app for silver coin and round collecting. What do people recommend? Thanks in advance V
  2. I'm new also, Far as I can tell, unless it's a special edition, people are just after collecting some from every year. I think also latest year would, theoretically be in best condition if you wanted to grade and slab. V
  3. I'm looking for 10 caps for queens beats silver coins, ideally with the chemical protection inserts. Thanks
  4. Thanks, I was being a Muppet, thought you're price list was an inventory! (it's been a long day) I'll take one of your excellent value QB horses please.
  5. Sorry, am I being a Muppet, cant see prices?
  6. Vantax

    100oz bullet

    Am I correct in calling this kind of silver "Novelty" What kind of premium and % over spot would you expect to pay? I'm very keen to own some sulver bullets at some point
  7. Vantax

    100oz bullet

    Now that is a cool item, I'm a bit of a "gun guy" The pictures don't do it justice, 30mm rounds are massive! Sadly out of my price bracket and probably for the best as I have no idea of how the novelty silver items market works. Also, that's one hell of a werewolf to need something like that!
  8. That'd be me, Thank you for the coms RisinSun V
  9. Thanks, what are NGC boxes and tarnish strips? (Google is mostly showing car parts and I'm fairly sure that's not what you mean)
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