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  1. Thanks @Pete I think the difference between our Maths would be the free listings promo that I believe now no longer applies to coins and PMs My Maths was based off the 70 + 7.50 postage = 77.75 or £67.64 after fees but still a posted price. Felt £62 before postage was a good starting point. I've had an offer from another member though, happy with what I got. Thanks again
  2. Thanks for reply's, @Pete and @Marc would be happy to purchase from either of you. I'd be happy to offer £62 + postage I got this number off of recently completed eBay listings less the eBay % 1st to accept (hopefully) wins V
  3. Looking for a good condition QB Griffin in 2 oz silver. Thanks V
  4. Vantax

    App Recommendation

    Hi all, Not having a lot of luck finding an app for silver coin and round collecting. What do people recommend? Thanks in advance V
  5. Hi Connor, In my opinion The 2x Britts are about £20 - £21.50 The Valint about £24 Rat also about 24 Panda 21 -22 GEM Uncirculated about £30 maybe 35 - I'm less sure on that one. I'm relatively new to this also and it's just opinion. Its a of a mixed bag so as a group sale expect to be on the lower end of those numbers, again just my opinion. You may also have a challenge in selling as you're new to the forum with no feedback from purchases of community input. Hope that helps you out.
  6. I'm new also, Far as I can tell, unless it's a special edition, people are just after collecting some from every year. I think also latest year would, theoretically be in best condition if you wanted to grade and slab. V
  7. I'd definitely like one of these, if there's anyone else who's interested in a split let me know.
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