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  1. I don't think I can wait until September. Shouldn't it be first come first served? I'm hoping to get one of these every year, but I have to be lucky to get the first one in the first place. Please can I have 38, if I have to have the same numbers every time. Thanks
  2. I am a newbie and trusted members on the silver forum. I relied on the feedback system. I'm now worried about buying precious metals from members.
  3. I'm actually angry with Wonger for stopping me making some gold purchase when the price was only £1200 per oz. I truly believed in his prediction, as he seemed to have several + on his feedback.
  4. How much is the bet? How do I join the queue to bet against Wonger.
  5. I know a good treatment for Wonger. It's call ECT. His brain needs a reset.
  6. Don't encourage him. If he was putting his money where his mouth is, he would have sold all his stack at today's prices. I don't see him having sold anything on the forum.
  7. But you guys are fuelling it!!!
  8. Someone must be, because they're all sold out?
  9. How come some members have already received their bars? I haven't been sent any invoice or informed whether I am on the waiting list.
  10. Please can I have 6 bars with the following numbers 8. 9. 18. 38. 88. 99 Thanks
  11. Except for lack of stock. Nothing in stock at the moment.
  12. Has anyone bought silver from Goldcore? Any feedback?
  13. I cannot wait to see it fall to 1000 again. It was only less than a year ago.
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