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  1. Anyone got 100 Grand USD lay around free some where? Yep... Any
  2. 2 oz gold 3Grace for USD $45,500 sold on LPM, next up USD $47,000 ~
  3. USD $41,000 Sold !!........ Next step up USD$ 45,000~
  4. I had a chance to get a 2 oz GOLD for USD $26,000 but I just can't bring myself to do it.... then it started to tick up... next one was up for sale for USD $33,000...next USD $37,000.. now USD $41,000... I'll just hug my Una and go cry in the corner telling myself it's okay... PS: I'm seeing 2 Oz Silver (mintage 3500) at around USD 2,000 ish, but the 5 oz Silver ((mintage 500 !!) ) is only at UDS 3,300... What gives? I'm so confused... wouldn't 5 oz be at a much higher price?
  5. Anyone picking up the 2kg Silver proof 2019 Una and lion GREAT BRITAIN THE GREAT ENGRAVERS by royal mint? * Whenever it comes out* PS: anyone if there are other sizes coming out?
  6. Just wondering was 2 oz silver proof the only size released? or was there other? if so anyone has the mintage list?
  7. USD 2,300 and whatever the Pound conversion rate is to USD at that pt.
  8. 30,000 mintage only 15,000 for outside of Australia, ( Sad that silver is so expensive now else i might have gotten some for fun....😒) Regardless Not bad~ the eyes could be a little more cuter imo PS: what is that in the background...? https://www.lpm.hk/2020-1-oz-australia-quokka-9999-silver-coin-bu.html
  9. no idea ~ Very unusual shape for China silverl. Also thats alot of stamping on the back~ never seen any refiner/mint that put that much stuff on the back Text says: Serial number: 5011 Purity: 9800 Weight 1.000? 市兩 (31.g)
  10. Has there always been a Plat lunar series for Rwanda? or did this just started 2021 ? Thoughts? - 88 mintage - Crazy premium
  11. and here it is ~ not a fan of this yr’s design 😕
  12. How can you not love the 2020 Swan~ Perfect year to celebrate Black SWANS !!
  13. Yeah can't find any good price.. had to just bite it :~
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