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  1. and here it is ~ not a fan of this yr’s design 😕
  2. How can you not love the 2020 Swan~ Perfect year to celebrate Black SWANS !!
  3. Yeah can't find any good price.. had to just bite it :~
  4. Hummm not sure how i feel about this one... It sorta looks like a Chihuahua🙃 2020 1 OZ AUSTRALIA GUARDIAN LIONS (DOUBLE PIXIU) .9999 SILVER COIN BU (50,000 Mint) https://www.lpm.hk/2020-1-oz-australia-guardian-lion-double-pixiu-9999-silver-coin-bu.html
  5. humm no mintage nubmer? I hope they come out with 10 oz version :D...
  6. yeap~ looking forward to finishing the series !
  7. imo depend who are you selling to. if its a shop then it don't matter because with or without they are going to test it before buying it anyway (since anyone can copy/print a piece of paper) if it's selling to another stacker (without testing ability) then a certification paper might help ease the worry)
  8. Nope, not enough pain yet. IMO it will occur once over 35-50% of the 1st world population felt the pain. (currently maybe only 10-15% IMO)
  9. verrachi

    100oz bullet

    I'm waiting for a silver tank round too.....😎
  10. Anywhere between 1650-1550 is good retrace imo
  11. Cost dollar averaging at key level area~ now I'm waiting to see if the Swiss refinery reopening will have any effects (give it 2-3 weeks)
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