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  1. Bought my first silver from the Yorkshire Bullion site a couple of years ago. A 9Fine 100g bar and a pair of Britannias. No problems, great to deal with.
  2. Thanks. Would never have thought of tumbling coins.
  3. Ah, what a smart little gadget. How long, roughly, would your coins have taken in the machine?
  4. @Gildeon Nice job on the coins. How did you get them so clean?! I used a Lighthouse cleaning cloth on my small pile of US junk silver for some of the reasons already expressed. I like to handle them and show to friends without getting mucky hands. I know they're only worth melt anyway.
  5. I was thinking more of the 1/10oz Britannias, they're at a similar price point to the half-Sovereigns. I'm talking purely on a sale of the 50p Kew for around £110.
  6. I don't even find the Kew a particularly pretty coin. Yeah, I was looking into Sovereigns when I noticed the fractional Britannias, which I think look more like actual gold coins than the new, matt, dull-looking Sovereigns. Also, the Britannias are .999 purity, like my silver.
  7. Thank you, gents. This is exactly the sort of advice I was angling for. I've only ever bought from eBay, I'll keep it in mind.
  8. That's a great idea! I'm definitely going to consider that now. You see, my brain just doesn't think that way. Brilliant.
  9. Ask me about his vinyl collection that I grew up listening to, that's a whole different matter! Nothing of any real value but priceless to me, every little nick and scratch takes me back.
  10. Along with some other rare-ish 50ps and £2 coins my Dad had collected in his change (unknown to me), I sealed them in flips and put them in a drawer. I have no emotional connection to them really. On the other hand, a gold coin would be something I could enjoy looking at and showing to others. We weren't close as fathers and sons usually are but I think he'd see the sense of it. I'm not financially in a position to buy much gold. Silver has been my main interest.
  11. Yes, I thought about that too. Also, I was looking at the 1/10oz Britannia, which is at a similar price point and is virtually solid gold. I prefer the yellower tone it has to the sovereign. I'm on a modest budget and unlikely to be buying any more as silver is affordable. It was just the novelty of owning a gold coin really.
  12. Thanks guys, I'm definitely leaning towards selling it as the gold will be more likely to hold its value in the long term. I don't have any gold and those half-sovereigns are much prettier to look at!
  13. So I found a circulated Kew Gardens 50p amongst my late father's coins some time ago and have hung onto it, watching the silly prices being paid on eBay for them rise and rise. With so many of you being long-term stackers/collectors/investors, I wonder what the general advice would be for someone in my situation. Would I be better cashing-in now and buying, say, a half-sovereign or should I keep hold of it? What would be the smart thing to do here? I realise the Kew has far less intrinsic value but is it something worth retaining over a gold item?
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