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  1. But will it ever go? unless it is closed,it will go on being resurrected every time someone has a gripe against GS.be
  2. @Golddigger69 For someone who lives in London,your command of the English language is terrible.
  3. Golddigger69 the forum troll is back,the number 69 in your name is it the year of your birth,or is it your favourite position.
  4. You will now probably have to explain what a Glasgow kiss is,and also everyone is called jimmy even the women. 😆
  5. It's time we said NO to overpriced silver.
  6. I am sorry but you are not privy to that information.
  7. In my opinion you are unlikely to get your premium back above the spot price.
  8. It's a marketing strategy to get you to pay more for your silver.
  9. It's a marketing strategy to get you to pay more for your silver.
  10. That mantra as you will be aware was meant for a certain type of thing, which I won't go into here but as a business model it would be counter productive to use it. Better good price and good service.I want GoldSilver.be to stop treating some customers badly,because I like the website and they have a great selection of merchandise at great prices. I want them to grow the business and become more successful.So please owner of GoldSilver.be consider changing how you approach customer service,you are doing so much right that's it's a shame you can't go that little bit further to take your company to the next level.
  11. @LexaTrikru You were a customer making a request for information,if that was the response to a legit question then I really don't understand what the hell they are doing at GoldSilver.be Must be trying to be the Basil Fawlty of the precious metal dealers. 🤣
  12. Whatever you are,you are certainly not humble. Lexa Trikru acknowledged that it is good practice when making a serious accusation to provide supporting documentation,he/she did give the explanation that it was not possible at the time to do so. I would have waited till I was able to do it properly,but that's just me. I trust no one on the internet,till I have been able to establish that they are indeed trustworthy. The same applies in real life.
  13. I did not demand,I politely requested for the screenshot ,This does not distract from the subject but focuses on it.What accusations exactly have I made? You have a very muddled logic,I can't quite make my mind up if you are deliberately being provocative,or are just stupid.So which is it, are you thick or a troll?
  14. Hello forum members,can any of you who have had any correspondence from Christine at GoldSilver.BE . Does she have a good English writing ability?
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