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  1. Well, then do not follow the thread anymore!
  2. Hello guys, I just wanna share with you the conversation between ECC and Goldsilver.be that I believe forced them to pay back my money. The conversation is in French. But I will share the one that I have translated with google translate:
  3. Thank you for taken your time. Trust me, it is a big relief for me. I have never been robbed like that before. https://goldsilver.be may have good prices but I will never buy one coin from this criminals again, never.
  4. Hello everyone, it has been a while. I Have been very busy with studies, work and this issue with GoldSilver.be However here comes little update: Since 13th Oktober 2018 I have been trying to get in touch with GoldSilver.be but without any response from the company. During this time (on 17th Oct 2018) I contacted ECC Sweden and handed over a summary to the authority containing every event regarding the issue. ECC promised to contact GoldSilver.be and explain to them their obligations. However, my emails have been completely ignored by Goldsilver.be. Furthermore, since I pointed out in the email (see Document 1) that the terms on their website allowed me to cancel without penalty, they have changed the terms and conditions on their website from the red market to the green market (see Document 2) On 2th January 2019 I contacted ECC asking if they have been in touch with Goldsilver.be. They explained that Goldsilver.be is unwilling to cooperate, that they had a very negative tone and that perhaps is time to take this matter to the next step – meaning to court. The following day at 3th January 2019 I got two emails from GoldSilver.be saying: 1. that they have cancelled the 390.00 € “charge” they wanted compensation for cancelling the order from July 2018, 2. that they have cancelled my last order (the one they have been refusing to ship) and that the money will be refunded WHEN I pay the cancelled order from July (11 609,50 €), see Document 3. GoldSilver.be have not fulfilled the rest of the deal by not shipping my remaining coins (635 coins) which they have been holding in ransom since 7th Oct 2018 for the 390.00 € they claim I owe them. During this time the price of my silver have been doing well and increased in value. By cancelling the rest of the order, which is legally binding according to GoldSilver.be, GoldSilver.be is making a good profit on my behalf (+550 €). However, since this issue has taken a lot of energy, I decided to accept this and get my money back, despite the fact that the value of Euro has droppet and I would be losing money. So in response I sent an email with my bank account details AND they replied by saying: "Will be paid as quickly as you paid for order XYZXYZXYZ . Dishonest lyar !", meaning that I have to pay in full (11 609,50 €) for the order from 19th July 2018 (the one they wanted me to pay 390.00 € “charge” for). However, yesterday 8th Januari 2019 (three mouth later), I finally got an email from transferwise saying that 9,335.35 € has been sent to me, NOT 9,350.35 € which I should be paid. They have stolen 15.00 € from me + 550€ by cancelling my order. However, now I finally gott my money back from this criminal company https://goldsilver.be and I can buy precious metals from a serious company who value their customers. Finally, I would like to thank you all for the advises you have been giving me. Trust me, without you I would not know what to do. And, I really would like to thank my friend @sixgun who have been involved in this matter and helped me with several things.
  5. Hello everyone, Now It is 33 days ago since I made the order (the one they refuse to ship) on https://goldsilver.be/en/ Still trying to get in touch with them without any response. Nothing has happened at all.
  6. It's ok. Perhaps I was not clear in my statement. I am trying my best.
  7. Promise to keep you all updated a soon as I hear anything. I have been trying to get in touch with https://goldsilver.be/en/ several times without any response. As you all already know, I did made myself clear from the early beginning that I wanted advice, which you guys on ⭐thesilverforum⭐ gave me a lot of. And thank you mate, I need that luck. I appreciate every advice that have been giving to me.
  8. No I have not 😕 No coins, No refund, No answer to my emails.
  9. Thank you for pointing this out, @sixgun. I appreciate it. Firstly, yes, the deal was done on the terms as they were. Secondly, they canceled the order even though I did not ask for it (I have been saying this 10^100 times now). Thirdly, when they cancelled the order they did not mention any consequences that would be for me. Fourthly, the bill came 7 days after I made the order they now refuse to ship. (During these days they clearly stated that my order would be shipped within 5 days)
  10. Thank you for pointing this out. But where exactly did it say that? It only says: Article 7 : Right of cancellation Article VI.47 of the Economic Activity Code stipulates that the consumer has the right to notify the vendor that he is cancelling his purchase without penalty and without justification within 14 working days as from the day after the delivery of the product or the end of the service contract. This right of withdrawal does not extend to the professional buyer. However, Article VI.53 of the Economic Activity Code states that the consumer may only exercise the right of withdrawal specified in Article VI.47 for (2°-) for the provision of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market outside the supplier's control and likely to occur during the cancellation period. Also, neither the consumer nor the professional buyer has the right of withdrawal in their contractual relations with S.P.R.L. ELECTRUM. In my case, I did not ask to cancel my order. But GoldSilver.be canceled it anyway without pointing out that I must pay any fee (so basically they breached their own laws). Moreover, no bill was issued at all. It appeared three mount later, seven days after I did the new order, which they still have not shipped.
  11. David called me crook and criminal. I wounder if it is me or he who is the crook and criminal.
  12. As known, back in July when they cancelled the order without me even asking for it there was NOTHING discussed about any bill or any damage. On 7th Oktober 2018 I came back and did a new order for 9700€. I payed immediately and they send a message that they are currently processing my GOLDSILVER.BE order. On 10th Oktober 2018 I send a message and asking when my order will be shipped - and I got the answer: 1 PARCEL TODAY Alright, 1 PARCEL TOMORROW ----> I replied by saying Looking forward to this. Best regards, Regards, Christine Klainer On 12th Oktober 2018 David sends me an email basically saying: Do you remember the order from July? Now pay the damage! - Or you will never see the rest of your order. On 13th Oktober 2018 early on the morning I check on my ORDER HISTORY on https://goldsilver.be and discover that a "charge" has appeared from nowhere that day at 9:30. This "bill" suppose to be the "damage" from July. Since 13th Oktober 2018 I have been sending Goldsilver.be email without getting any response. Seems like after all he was right about not sending me the rest of my order (635 coins). This is an update for those of you whom have been sending me PMs asking if I have received MY the order.
  13. They have shipped 20 coins of 655. (655-20) coins = 635 coins 20 coins = 323€ (shipped) 635 coins = 9350€ (the amount they have kept and not shipped)
  14. Still my coins have not been shipped, I have not heard anything from them. I made the order 7th Oktober.
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