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  1. Hopefully buying a 2022 Panda (£28.50) and a 2021 Britannia (£23.40) from other forum members. I'm looking for a few more to start my collection, I'd rather buy from you guys than try my luck on eBay... 1oz Britannias, Pandas, and Kookaburra's preferred but will consider others
  2. Thanks, I appreciate the advise. I didn't even think about "looking after" them. Can they not just be carefully stored and left alone for 10+ years? haha
  3. Thanks I've looked at those stats previously and have thought about collecting gold too - I just feel as an absolute beginner, silver would be the stepping stone onto gold.
  4. It's a really interesting concept if you're interested in saving money / watching it grow / investing / etc... Silver is just going to be an extra avenue... I'm not going to go down the rabbit hole haha. There's a few blogs on personal experiences, and I'm in a Facebook group with around 8,000 people who talk about it and give advise... I only really started in April this year, and my S&S ISA has already gained 8% interest (much better than the 0.5% it was getting in the bank haha)
  5. Thanks - Probably out of my league at the min as a set of QBs would be well over £500? and she's probably wanting to sell them as a set... I'm just looking to dip my toe in the water, spend maybe £100-200 on a few now and then more at a later date
  6. I have investments in other areas too - Mainly a S&S ISA, LISA, and a bit of artwork, etc... I'm just wanting a more physical alternative and I've always liked the idea of collecting coins.
  7. Really appreciate the advise guys. I'm looking at starting with Queens Beasts (as suggested), Britannia (just because they're the UKs standard coin?) and maybe Kookabura's (I work in Australia, and I like the look of them). Standard prices for Britannias and Kookaburas (obviously depending on the year) seem to range from £25 - 35. As a first purchase, would you recommend buying the 2021 Britannia from the Royal Mint at £24? ... I do intend on keeping these coins for 20 years... I'm 32, I'm interested in the "FIRE movement" and want to retire at 50.
  8. I'm wanting to start collecting silver 1oz coins - I'm not looking to flip to make a quick buck, I know that's impossible... but I do want my collection to be profitable in 20-30-40 years time... What are the best series / coins to do this with? - Is there a list of rarity for each year anywhere online (I've looked, couldn't find anything except the super rare coins post-1940)?
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