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  1. Little collection of arrivals today. Thanks to @MickD& @Jamesd for the Germania’s/Nobles & Fafnir’s. Managed to find the first in the Big 5 series for a semi-decent price too.
  2. Morning All, Don't suppose anybody has a Wolly Mammoth from the Giants Of The Ice Age Ghana series they would be willing to part with at all?
  3. It's common place mate. Apple website is the most expensive place to buy apple products, same with most other bigger brand names They know if you're somebody that is on their website chances are you're looking for one of their products and they can charge a premium for that pleasure.
  4. Nice little collection arrived today. Thanks to @arshimo2012 for the Marvel’s.
  5. Thanks @daca that’s a shame, thought we might have been onto a winner there
  6. Hi all, Wonder if you would be able to help, was able to pick the below coin up from a car boot this morning for £10, I’ve done a quick ping test on it and it certainly makes a silver sound, anybody more knowledgeable than me able to tell if it’s genuine/roughly what the value would be as I’ve checked online and can’t find a single example without the ‘In god we trust’ banner across the top
  7. Two more arrived this morning. Thanks to @arshimo2012for the Capt. and my wife’s Nectar points for the Black Flag (Haven’t worked out how to tell her yet 👹)
  8. Just a heads up - If you all report the item as counterfiet/fake then eBay will shut their account down eventually. (The button is top right just above the description)
  9. Picked up a few items off the forum over the weekend. Brand new to the amazing world of silver, will say hi on the new members thread shortly. Wanted to start looking at silver as a way of keeping investments safe outside of cash/savings (well, that and it’s shiny!)
  10. Evening all, What’s everyone’s thoughts on the East India Company’s new 1oz Silver Peacock release? Mintage of only 3,000 apparently https://agaunews.com/the-east-india-comapny-continues-its-treasures-of-india-bullion-series-with-the-peacock/
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