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  1. Massive thanks to @DuncanWylieWilson for feeding my habit. Pleasure to deal with and an absolute gent
  2. I mean, the front page of the WSB reddit thread is literally saying do not buy silver, but hey - let's not let the truth get in the way of a good news story.
  3. Silver is -10% since the 1980's. Everything else that is a 'commodity' is up 200%-300% (including gold) Silver should rise considerably, it's almost criminal that it hasn't.
  4. That horrible moment when you received an ‘Order Dispatched’ notification for the Silver & Gold two coin sets you didn’t realise you hadn’t already paid for when the single coin sets arrived 🙈
  5. Richer for me. My 2nd chile was born in January, with lockdown I got to spend months working from home and seeing her and my other kid that I'd normally miss out on. My day job helps companies remotely work so we've had one of our busiest ever years, picked up a nice end of year bonus.. Started my PM journey which I've really enjoyed. Started with stocks (Invested a month into the first lockdown) which has been amazing. Started 2 new businesses, a youtube channel and 4 different blogs with my wife all during either the first or second lockdowns, 3 of the blogs have started to take off with views and we're considering starting to monetize them, the YouTube channel is tough, (congrats to @BackyardBullion, you make it seem easy!!) but I'm persevering as my hope is to make it self funding eventually.
  6. Taken almost a month but FINALLY my ASE V75 is here!! Arrived at the same time as it’s less hyped friends the Mayflower 400’s
  7. It’s beaten mine that was supposed to come straight from the mint to me in England
  8. Call me old fashioned but if you're not happy with a purchase don't you have a private chat with the person you bought from rather than calling them out?
  9. Picked up the stunning 2021 half today & the free Brit offer from Bullion By Post made the best price sov (1896) hard to refuse
  10. First ‘new’ gold purchase for me today. Don’t really know a great deal but this seemed incredibly cheap for what it is to me 😍
  11. I had no problems at all, was in and checked out for all four by 14:02 UK time. Everything worked without any issues at all, added to cart individually in Chrome using my VPn and then checked out in Edge locally (can never seem to checkout in chrome with the VPN enabled) Really happy they’ve sold out quickly too, means they may command a wee premium in the future
  12. None at all, was a relatively smooth sailing compared to the madness of recent releases.
  13. Hope mine survives the trip across the pond if that’s how they’re shipping them out 😬
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