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  1. $35.00 - Centennial year celebrating Mexican independence. (I have the 1921 gold Libertad for sale also.)
  2. $45.00 - Original box w. COA. From Kazakhstan, the twelfth coin of the Red Book Collection series. Beautiful coin without a blemish.
  3. $35.00 - 50 pence coin commemorating the anniversary of the Victoria Cross Medal. Original box w. COA.
  4. $35.00 - Original box, NO COA. I bought this coin directly from the US Mint and I don't think it came with a COA. It might be an enhanced version. If anyone can tell from the pics, let me know.
  5. $300.00 Original box w. COA. I bought this coin through The Coin Connection, UK which has high quality assurance standards. In fact they rejected many of these coins, returning them to the Royal Mint before finally receiving the best. Beautiful coin with no blemishes. Part of me is hoping my price is too high and it won't sell. 🙂
  6. $25.00 (inc. shipping in USA & Canada) Includes COA.
  7. $20.00 Celebrates the coronation of King George VI. (Note: the shinny bit on his ear lobe is just glare.)
  8. $75.00 (inc. shipping in US 7 Canada) Fifty-pence silver proof coin. Original box w. COA.
  9. $85.00 (inc. shipping) This two-pound coin celebrates the 350th Anniversary of the Guinea. Original box w. COA.
  10. $40.00 (inc. shipping) This two-pound coin commemorates the tercentenary of the Bank of England. Original box w. COA.
  11. $80.00 (inc. shipping) Original box w. COA.
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