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  1. Great find Witcher! Was someone sleeping on the job there?
  2. Amazing case study, thanks for sharing!
  3. 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Brilliant!!! The direction of this thread has gone from a mere curiosity for me to a technically fascinating scientific inquiry! Subbed.
  4. Very lovely, I wish I could help, good luck!
  5. Decent start... 😉
  6. RedDragon77

    925 silver

    Sure, I don't know much about sterling myself but have come across some nice coins that happened to be sterling and scooped them up: the Austrian Kreuzer re-strike which was below-spot and the pre-libertad Mexican Onzas which were high-premium. So it would see it depends on where you are and what it is. I assume LCS around me wouldn't want sterling bars, and that would have to sell to a scrapper/refiner. Additionally if a real physical silver shortage comes to pass then selling sterling will probably become easier and get better prices.
  7. All that oppressive overhead considered, this was a good candidate year to get ahead with good timing.
  8. On April first the actual final installment will be released: the savage and terrifying Corgy.
  9. Nice bump in Silver today, marking another day of divergence with a drop in gold. This with a slight rise in DXY up 0.08 0.08% to 90.09
  10. Slight rise in DXY up 0.08 0.08% to 90.09 Another day of divergence with Silver rising nicely today.
  11. Yeah, I wish I could have times it a little better on the physical, and also bought paper closer to the crash.
  12. I'd only agree if it's scheduled late at night; I don't want any witnesses when I rob them blind. 😉
  13. Sure I'll just give Chris my address now, no need to waste any of you or anyone else's time with a drawn-out lottery process. 😉 Good luck with the new shops.
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