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  1. Using the "+" tab I'm only getting a single option: "topic" Has something changed with the server swap?
  2. It surprises me that the country I assume has the longest continuous minting operations has such awful results with delivering BU silver, let alone staying BU while packed for a few years.
  3. If the ink is magic marker, rubbing alcohol should remove it. Keep us updated.
  4. I'd grade it a fake, please send to me for disposal...
  5. No sarcasm, I literally do not know what "thicker bars" means objectively, 50gram, 100gram, 5oz, 10oz? I don't know what, if any, standards exist for dimensions of platinum bullion. In my cursory window shopping I have observed that the platinum premiums are higher than gold and there are much higher percentage premiums on fractional platinum. The Pamp Suisse Lady Fortuna looks fabulous to me in grey metals, and the platinum (like the gold) has the benefit of not decaying as opposed to the silver versions. If the American Platinum coin were in the Mercury design like the out-of
  6. As opposed to thicker bars, coins, or rounds, please give us more than cryptic recommendations, people want to know the reasoning.
  7. Welcome aboard AndrewC! Good luck with your sales (GLWS)
  8. Never ordered, especially from the UK, but they are really a world-class private mint, producing they're own branded products and products for dozens of small sovereign governments. They are definitely legitimate. Apparently during the March PM crash they were one of the few that lowered their prices beyond the invisible minimum others seemed to establish. Some combination of unprecedented orders and the break-down of the supply and distribution chain resulted in many orders taking over a month to ship. A lot of people were furious and cancelled their orders, others waited and recieved th
  9. Awesome diorama! 1/10oz Britannias, those must be hard to get ahold of these days, no?
  10. Thanks, I thought they were 25. FYI I'm new but it appears to be a tradition here of sellers adding a piece of paper with their forum username and date to their pictures as an elementary proof of possession. *EDIT* Ahh, looks like ChrisSilver informed you and you added it to one of your other listings. Welcome! GLWS
  11. Forgive me but what is the name of the App, "ping test" or something else?
  12. If anyone is considering selling to an LCS, shop around; some are paying $2 or $3 over spot for ASE and some are giving $4 or $5. Silver Seeker did a YouTube video where he called some shops around the US to find out what they are paying for different kinds of silver, but he kept the companies anonymity, for better or for worse.
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