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  1. Sorry, all sold. Not sure why, but it will not allow me to edit the post or mark as complete.
  2. All pending payment at this time. Will let you know if it does not go through.
  3. Are the 2012s still available Yes. At least most, if not all. I will need to double check on the exact number remaining.
  4. jbh

    for sale Canadian Silver Lot

    Still available
  5. Canadian Silver Coin denomination in Canadian dollars. Prices/payments in US dollars 77fv 80% Quarters — 16x fv (57fv remaining) 16fv 50% Quarters -- 10x fv 2fv .925 mixed (sold as lot only) — $40 5.60fv 80% proofs - 17.5x fv 9 -- 1976 Montreal Olympic commemoratives, .925 (1.4454 troy oz ASW ea) — $41/ea (SOLD) 1 — 1972 Cayman Island Silver Wedding Anniversary, .925 (1.5271 troy oz ASW) — $42.75 (SOLD) Add $4 shipping up to 4oz, $8 over 4 oz Accept Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, bitcoin. NO PAYPAL!! Cross posted
  6. In this post they are 90%, but only have $7.50fv left of the Kennedys. Have a separate post with a bunch of 40% Kennedys. I am in the Columbus, OH area.
  7. All sounds correct. Can switch to mail messaging if you want details/addresses.
  8. With spot @ $26.40, it would be $191/roll. Add $4 shipping for the 2 rolls. Better than average circulated condition. Easy place to figure value, coinapps.com. Just plug in spot price and number of coins.
  9. 40% Kennedys @ 95% of melt (219fv) — SOLD 35% war nickels at 93% of melt — SOLD Melt to be determined by average of bid/ask on Kitco. If I am unavailable, please submit photo of spot spread at time of post. Shipping: +4 if less than 4 oz in first class tracked bubble mailer, +8 for SFRB, +16 medium flat rate, +25 large flat rate. For a high value order, would want to ship registered for additional $15 (it protects both of us). Cross posted. Accept Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, and BTC. No Paypal currently
  10. 90% Junk Silver About 125fv Kennedys (SOLD) About 1000fv Washingtons ($700+ fv left) (ALL REMAINING PENDING) About 265fv Rosies (SOLD) Melt plus ship. Melt to be determined by average of bid/ask on Kitco. If I am unavailable, please submit photo of spot spread at time of post Shipping: +4 if less than 4oz in tracked first class bubble mailer. +8 for SFRB. +16 if it needs medium flat rate. +25 if needs large flat rate. If there is a high value order, I would want to send it registered for an additional $15 (protects both of us). Accept Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, BTC. No Paypal currently!!
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