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The end.


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Thinking about something a member said earlier....

If I were to die, I'd like to think that I could use this forum to assist my wife in selling off my collection.

She's not up on precious metals, but neither is she stupid. If I were to guide her to this forum, and tell her to advertise ounces at spot price, I'd like to believe she wouldn't be abused.

She understands the charts at the bottom of the page, and is quite capable of packing and posting items.

This is not a request, but a question. A 'what if' if you like?

*Backstory...I lost a good friend today. It makes one aware of ones own mortality. Ok, I'm not going to headline at Madison Square Garden, nor am I going to be headhunted by MI6 at Cambridge.

A few tears, a lot of wine and I should retire for the night. Goodnight chaps, kiss the bairns for me x 

Technically, alcohol is a solution..

'It [socialism] poses a growing threat, however unintentional, to the freedom of this country, for there is no freedom where the State totally controls the economy. Personal freedom and economic freedom are indivisible. You can’t have one without the other. You can’t lose one without losing the other.'

"There is no such thing as public money, there is only taxpayers' money"

Let not England forget her precedence of teaching nations how to live.

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I work with the elderly and seen peoples life possessions in the skip on so many occasions including family photographs.Most people are pretty clued up on what is worth keeping,or shall i say what is worth money.

It is how quick they want,or need to dispose of the possessions, for all sorts of reasons, i.e. rent to pay and want it over so they don't pay no more than they  have to, funerals to pay for or just plain greed and want the money ASAP so they can go on the piss in Benidorm.  

My advice to my spouse and to all your other half's is take your time, don't be in a hurry to sell.Like if we popped of this mortal coil right now would we want them to sell right now, i don't think i would, i would prefer the wife to keep it till she was old and by then either pass it down or have done enough intel to dispose of for maximum benefit.

To be honest most people would sell it and spend it, that's today's world. What is right and what is wrong? save or spend depends on your chemistry i suppose.

I knew a man worked all the hours under the sun right into retirement dropped dead no kids all went to extended family richest man in the grave yard.There's the other saying he with the most toys on dying wins. Its is a hard one to call, a happy medium. Sorry drifted off a bit . 

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This thread had me pondering all day! First of all. I'm sorry to hear of your friend's passing ... I know how that feels, and I can totally relate. Hope all is well.

Make sure you talk with as many friends and reconnect to ones you lost touch with.

The key is (re)connecting with the people you trust.
Yes your wife is number 1, but do get back in touch with your old buddies. You will perhaps also find out in the next couple days/weeks/months who your real friends are.

I guess... for me; Planning ahead is the key and making sure things are in place for that "what if" day.
I know I wasn't good at planning in the past, but am working on this now... and know now that I can rest assured that I did my best and that thing are in place for that "what if" day.

I'm writing/thinking about the plan what I'll to do with the stack.
Will wife take it over? or will some else assist my wife? Will I donate all or a portion of it?

This can be planned that ahead... but doesn't have to be done today, it will be a work in progress.

I've actually just been looking into this more and found some reading material about. I have attached a PDF about inheritance and trust funds. Haven't read it yet I literally just received it today.

All the best buddy!

Oh yeah... make sure to go take a nice long walk along the beach in the next couple of weeks on the weekend or so!  (with the wife off-course!!)


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After this thread I feel the need to re-explain to my own wife how and where to sell my silver.

Luckily she is absolutely in line with my thinking on the value of metal money and the global fiat money dodginess,

which means if I die tomorrow she'll probably just hold on to it all for the kid.

Up until silver gets mined off asteroids we're sitting on a valuable asset that's going to increase in value compared to the quantatively-eased promise-money everyone shops with...

Caveat : those with thick spouses should write it all down.

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10 minutes ago, DRooster said:

Caveat : those with thick spouses should write it all down.

On it!

It will go along with insurance details/walkthrough and how to claim of the company insurance scheme. 

I've never thought about giving details on how to sell off the PM's. Although she collects with me, she doesn't know about the forum or where I buy the coins or where to sell.

Will have to jot something down to go with all the other stuff, 

Thanks for the thread and sorry it was written on the back of a truly sad life changing event. 

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