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Goldback Measurements for Seeking Sleeves, Hard Cards or Album Pages

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Took me awhile to gather this info, as it was not readily available anywhere in one place, for all denominations.  So, thought I would post it here for use by members, as I have seen a fair amount of interest in them here.  Of course, most people who already have them know what works and does not, but good info for a first-time buyer wondering what size protective display coverings to acquire at the same time.  Just consult the charts below and be sure whatever you buy to put them in is big enough!

Posting in mms and in inches, for use all over.

Goldbacks vary in size. The following measurements apply to the respective denominations, regardless of state they are printed in (at least so far):

By denomination, in millimeters, their dimensions are: 

 1:  65 × 118 
 5: 65 × 130
10: 65 × 142.5 
25: 65 × 156 
50: 75 × 178.5 

Using a mm to inches conversion calculator that is as follows in inches (rounded up to nearest 100th inch):

 1:  2.56 x 4.65
 5: 2.56 x 5.12
10: 2.56 x 5.62
25: 2.56 x 6.15
50: 2.96 x 7.03

For comparison, all US paper currency is 66×156 mms or 2.6 x 6.15 inches.

A 25 denomination Goldback is almost the same measurements as a US paper currency note. 

The 1Gb, 5Gb, and 10Gb are smaller than dollar bills, and the 50Gb is larger.

I will add that for some hard cards and album pages, they can be a little too slick and/or loose, and at risk of coming out partly or completely, so, it can be advisable to get soft sleeves, too, which are of a size that will hold the Goldback but still fit in the hard card or album page. This can increase the grip or friction and reduce risk of slippage.  Factor this in if going that route, as it may require a slight bump up in the size of a hard card or album pocket to accommodate the added inner sleeve.

Also, while gold is non-reactive to things like PVCs (best I know), the polymers that contain the gold in a Goldback may NOT be. Don't know that anyone has discovered for sure yet or not, with their relative newness, but I would not want to use protectors that have PVCs for them, especially if collecting for numismatic entertainment or speculation.

Likewise, if you obtain yours from dealers who seal them in bags or sleeves of unknown origin (many, like APMEX, do, at least on occasion, send them in sealed, labelled bags, and dealers often send them sleeved for small orders), it is likely advisable to remove them soon after receipt for that reason.  I know some buyers like to keep the sealed bags unopened to enhance the provenance of coins, etc. but I personally have had APMEX bags turn new silver coins milky (evenly, not spotted, from the outside edge in, very quickly, in less than a year.  So, I have ceased that practice entirely for anything collectibles come in, from anywhere (including flips, etc.), always replacing them with my own protection which I have made sure is PVC-free.  I guess if you are quick-flipping them, you might be ok, but if holding, think twice.

Hope that all helps someone out!


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