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Quartz & Gold


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Most gold stackers are aware that gold in its original form appears in igneous volcanic hydrothermal (hot water) veins where it is deposited along with quartz, amethyst, other minerals and heavy metal ores. In ancient Egypt, the gods were believed to have gold flesh and silver bones. From the beginning of the Old Kingdom (2575-2134BC), pharaohs sent expeditions to Nubia to mine the quartz lodes there for gold. They sunk deep shafts into the rock and lit fires around the quartz to shatter it. Then, they crushed it, extracting the gold within.

I used to collect quartz carvings from around the world before I became a gold and silver stacker. You can imagine my surprise when I recently discovered some of my quartz carvings, especially the religious ones, have gold inclusions. Clear attempts were made by previous owners of these religious carvings to extract the gold inclusions. I’m showcasing two examples here - a rose quartz pyramid and a rock crystal Buddha.

An unsuccessful attempt was made to extract the gold inclusion in the base of the rose quartz pyramid. You can see the two gold inclusions in the quartz Buddha’s lotus pedestal. The Buddha’s left thumb tip has been chopped off with the remaining gold inclusion still in place as if the wounded thumb is bleeding bright yellow blood. You have to marvel at the Buddha’s serenity in the face of affliction.






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