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  1. Wow! Well it’s certainly different and I’d certainly buy one just for the novelty value.
  2. I know everyone’s been raving about these but I was late to the game and paid the price! Glad to say I’m really pleased with this and even at a premium consider it money well spent. Is Perth Mint the best in the world at the moment?
  3. I was thinking of a similar set to the America The Beautiful quarters. And yes Spinal Tap might well qualify as a national treasure- if not exactly a landmark.
  4. Missed this thread and I usually have a daily look to see if Martin at silvertraderUK has anything new and tempting in stock- this must’ve sold out pretty much immediately- by the time I checked there was a nice “Sold” label on the listing. Tbh because I’d missed the hype I didn’t really mind- I can’t buy everything! Anyway a handful were listed again a couple of days ago and I shamefully gave into it and bought one at £47 odd. I think they’d started in the high £30s. I’m really hating reading the posts at the beginning of the thread where these were going for 26... bucks!! Well bought th
  5. If all you had to go on was the coins put out by the Royal Mint you might easily come to that conclusion. It quite annoys me how poor their effort was - four landmarks- all in London, all within the same three or four square miles. They don’t even represent bloody London particularly well. However, if they had been the opening foursome of a countrywide set- maybe four designs per county and four per city- each four by a different artist- you’d think it was a shaky start with far better things yet to come; Stonehenge; the Seven Sisters cliffs; Blackpool Tower; the Angel of the North; the Clifto
  6. Hello guys, could you put me on the waiting list please? No number preference. Thanks.
  7. Beautiful, are you displaying them all together or leaving them in the boxes? I put mine in a large Lighthouse case with twenty-four coins on each tray, placing them in chronological order (obviously) and leaving gaps for ones I didn’t have. I found that the gaps really bugged me and made me buy more often than I would otherwise have done. Funnily enough I had this delivered yesterday- only a tiddler (1/5th oz) but nice nontheless.
  8. It’s an interesting quandary isn’t it- having bought the first coin in a series I always feel that I’m investing in that series- I’m almost bound to buy the rest, no matter how disappointing they might be. I suppose the great thing about silver is its intrinsic value, ie, no matter how crummy a series turns out, it’s still worth something. As an example, earlier this year I bought a set of four Landmarks of Britain- a monumentally (sorry) awful mini-series from the Royal Mint but they only cost me £80.
  9. JonCL

    Red Letter Days...

    Cheers. I really think the Australian mints are the best in the world- at the moment at least. They’re imaginative and offer great quality in both design and manufacture, and reasonable value for money. The odd one out in the picture of my set by the way (above) was the Kangaroo Road Sign coin which, by good fortune, was struck in 2013 and fitted into the space I’d left for the 20th Anniversary, also 2013 (but decided not to remove from its slab).
  10. JonCL

    Red Letter Days...

    Also this, which is the only one I’ve left in its packaging.
  11. JonCL

    Red Letter Days...

    The last piece of the 27-year-old jigsaw turned up today courtesy of Australia Post. Spot the odd one out by the way...
  12. I agree with this- and it’s the same for coloured coins: a massive premium for what amounts to a sticker!
  13. JonCL

    Red Letter Days...

    Yes will do, as soon as the last one arrives!
  14. Today I filled the last gap in my collection of Royal Australian Mint 1oz .999 silver Kangaroos! With a face value of 1 Dollar in every shape and form, there has been a new design on the reverse of the coin each year since 1993, with representations of the creature spanning Australian history from its appearance in Aboriginal art to its first sightings by early explorers. The last set within the series were the four year run of “Seasons’ Change“ coins between 2016-2019. The RAM seems to have overlapped these with it’s last two Kangaroo coins, the 2019 and 2020 Mob of Roos which is a bit w
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