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  1. I finally received my Austrian coin. It's interesting that although it's issued from the same country at that time, even the edge is completely different. Both of them weren't intended for internal circulation because Austro-Hungarian empire was at the silver standard before 1892 and the international price of silver was rapidly declining after 1873 so it was impossible to use gold due to Gresham's Law. They were probably used as a trade coinage against LMU countries.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/B-D-M-Canada-5-Dollars-Elizabeth-II-1991-Km-187-Plata/401939912712 1991 1oz Maple for only $23.33 https://www.ebay.com/itm/B-D-M-United-States-Dollar-Washington-Silver-Quarter-1964-Km-164-Plata/123461360643?hash=item1cbededc03:g:MXMAAOSwRBVb2X0r Silver Quarter at $4.19 from the same seller (there are 3 more which is below spot) He also sells lots of Spanish 5 Peseta pieces at an attractive price. I posted the same message from the U.S thread since the seller doesn't ship to America.
  3. The shipping fee to Korea is Eur 6.50 so it's definitely profitable when buying multiple items.
  4. Ha that's weird... I don't know why they ship to South Korea but not to US.
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/B-D-M-Canada-5-Dollars-Elizabeth-II-1991-Km-187-Plata/401939912712 1oz maple for only $23.33 https://www.ebay.com/itm/B-D-M-United-States-Dollar-Washington-Silver-Quarter-1964-Km-164-Plata/123461360643?hash=item1cbededc03:g:MXMAAOSwRBVb2X0r silver quarter at $4.19 from the same seller (there are 3 more which is below spot) He also sells spanish 5 peseta pieces at an attractive price.
  6. Here is my recent purchase. https://www.ebay.com/itm/20-francs-coin-8-guilders-gold-Austria-1878-superb-condition-6-46-grams-/283987366861?nma=true&si=TdpQPk8xXbJ%2FcMfsrg9iXrKoSs4%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 I had some trouble founding a non restrike(1892) version of this. It will be an attractive set with my Hungarian version. I will immediately post my own photo as soon as it arrives.
  7. Finally achieved my goal by adding a 1857 plain head 5 franc at a reasonable price (110 euros). I also got a 1/4 Krugerrand at about 12% below spot from my friend as a gift and gave him my junk-grade Mexican 1920 5 pesos at the same terms. I'm planning to buy a new LMU 20 franc for my 40th gold coin next week (or a Sovereign~Half Eagle if the spot price goes below $1900).
  8. Well if I had the same amount of money to spare, I would rather buy a US $10 Indian since I only have the Cuban version & also a beautiful 1922 Gold Certificate. I had a chance to get a 50 Franc piece very close to spot when it was about mid $1400s range , but I failed and bought a 40 Franc instead.
  9. Choi

    North Korean Gold Coin

    Thanks. I know that some of my coins are (semi) numismatic, but I can't resist to feel the history in my hand. They don't get scratched that easily since they aren't pure gold.
  10. This is a 1/10 oz Gold Coin made in North Korea in 1988 celebrating the 40th anniv. of their regime. They were usually sold to the Chongryun Population (Pro NK Korean decedents Living in Japan) . I don't know the exact value of this coin, but bought it a month ago since I had a chance to get it at 240,000 KRW ($198) which was slightly cheaper than a regular 1/10 oz coin. Although it is written ".9999 fine", it's probably lower than that since only Canada made coins in such high purity during the same period. Later NK gold coins made in the 90's were changed to .999 fine. Anyw
  11. Although it is the most common LMU gold, I finally added a plain head Napoleon III 20 franc piece slightly below spot(299 euros & 1% Ebay bucks). I'm not interested at adding more in today's gold price, but willing to get a plain-head 5 franc gold to complete my set.
  12. Oh, I haven't noticed on the error because I'm not interested at all kinds of slabs including NGC & PCGS. Thank you for pointing out. I've bought many cheaper coins from this guy, and everything was problem free so far.
  13. Here are my LMU gold other than 20 francs 5 francs 1863 5 Napoleon III 10 francs 1859 Napoleon III (without laurel) 1867 Napoleon III (with laurel) 1863 Italian 10 lire 1911 rooster 1946 Lichtenstein 40 francs L' AN 12 Napoleon (pre- emperor) I've just won this coin , but im not sure weather the seller could ship to my country due to the current situation. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Milan-obrenovich-IV-10-serbia-dinara-1882-v-vienna-/283821343177?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=tru
  14. Here is my entire collection (from the left top) 1.1811 Napoleon 2.1815 Louis XVIII type 1 3.1818 Louis XVIII type 2 4.1843 Louis Philip 5.1867 Napoleon III later type 6.1875 Belgium Leopold II 7.1880 Hungary 8.1896 Switzerland type 1 9.1898 Angel 10. 1904 Tunisia 11. 1902 Rooster 12. 1925 Switzerland type 2 I started to collect all kinds of 19~ early 20th century european gold coins since July 2018 , and the LMU coins(20 francs and other denominations) are my favorite.
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