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  1. Very interesting, thanks for the info. Would it be fair to say that this issue would normally be seen with weaker strikes? Also, is it usual for the flan/planchet to exhibit random contact marks in different directions? If so I'm guessing this would be linked to poor handling prior to being struck? Cheers.
  2. Premiums are still high, but Royal mint have an offer on both the gold and platinum Queens Beasts...
  3. Perhaps due to lower mintages and the greater cost of the gold and piedfort proofs, they wanted to give a sense of added value by individually numbering them?
  4. Looking much better now
  5. Hard to tell without a zoomed in image but to me it looks almost fibrous, a bit like cardboard fibres stuck to the surface with some sort of glue mixed in...
  6. That's really helpful Pete, cheers. Yes, it seems to be a real gamble; I get the impression that most sellers on ebay don't really know much about condition beyond giving it a cursory glance and saying "oooh shiny!".... For the coin in question I agree that it looks more like damage/contact marks than cleaning but I can't understand how it's almost 100% restricted the the fields; I'm inclined to think that someone had a go at cleaning the recesses as you suggest.... perhaps the frosted surfaces disguise damage better though, I don't know... Either way, I can't see it leaving the mint like that; I'm not particularly well availed of the die/planchet polishing process but I'd have thought this wouldn't appear as irregular marks like these... Looks like its time for a trip to the post office then 🚙
  7. Hi All, New to the forum and stacking for a while now.... Recently been buying a few royal mint silver proofs for variety and received some yesterday which at first glance looked great, but when viewed in sunlight I could see some marks in the fields... I took some pics and this looks way below what I'd expect from a proof in terms of quality control, so I'm assuming that they've been cleaned in some way? The odd thing is that the raised parts of the design look totally unaffected and I'd always thought cleaning would show as hairlines across the whole coin, whereas these look almost like contact marks that are restricted to the fields only? Any thoughts on this? Cheers
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