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  1. I have already purchased that coin from a Silver Forum member...Waiting to find out when the last 10 oz comes out }...The Greyhound of Richmond i believe
  2. £55 bracelet please if still available
  3. Would you accept £140 for numbers 2&3?
  4. I am interested in a couple if you get more BB Thank you Kevin
  5. Hi Does anyone have this coin for sale as i have misplaced mine and i need it preferably with its capsule...the Royal Mint has it for £300 with free delivery but not in stock at the moment
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1819-sovereign-its-amazing-from-my-great-grandad-it-was-found-in-his-attic-along/124573600614?hash=item1d012a4b66:g:1rwAAOSwzUpgKTYZ he also has 3 other items for sale lol
  7. I had $240 of Dogecoin from 3 years ago..Friday night sold for $1462.46 ..not a fortune but a nice week end present :}
  8. gkoogk


    PriceQtyTotal Coin: 2 oz Queen's Beasts Dragon | Silver | 2017 (United Kingdom) Limited quantity in stock | delivery time approx. 7 days £119.55£478.20 Coin: 2 oz Queen's Beasts Unicorn Silver Coin (2018) (United Kingdom) Limited quantity in stock | delivery time approx. 7 days £119.55£478.20 Service: Customs declaration This is first time i seen Customs Declaration on Silver to go web site..Must be something to do with Brexit P.S Have you seen the price of those silver Queen Beasts lol
  9. i think that safety deposit boxes are not insured either..you have to get a valuation and private insurance
  10. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/britannia/the-britannia-2017-uk-premium-six-coin-gold-proof-set/ i am selling this set..whole or split.what is best?
  11. that £12257.55 is from thelondoncoincompany the guy is a joke with his prices and postage
  12. https://shop.royalmail.com/special-stamp-issues/james-bond/james-bond-stamps-silver-proof-coin-cover
  13. Bought some James Bond gold and silver sets on 2/3/2020 was told couldn't deliver until middle of May..now received a letter saying cant deliver to middle of August now..WHY...Ordered some sovereigns from Chards this week..in my hand within 2 days
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