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  1. i think that safety deposit boxes are not insured either..you have to get a valuation and private insurance
  2. How many of the worldwide millions of prisoners have died of covid19..They must be high risk as trapped together like sardines and no where to run
  3. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/britannia/the-britannia-2017-uk-premium-six-coin-gold-proof-set/ i am selling this set..whole or split.what is best?
  4. that £12257.55 is from thelondoncoincompany the guy is a joke with his prices and postage
  5. they say the distance from prison to court takes over 4 hrs...a guy driving a petrol tanker has a heart attack or maybe 3 blow outs at same time causing vehicle to swerve in certain direction :}
  6. ok my bad..but in the films iv watched they were getting whipped lol
  7. The pyramids were built by slaves ..have they been torn down yet ?
  8. https://shop.royalmail.com/special-stamp-issues/james-bond/james-bond-stamps-silver-proof-coin-cover
  9. Bought some James Bond gold and silver sets on 2/3/2020 was told couldn't deliver until middle of May..now received a letter saying cant deliver to middle of August now..WHY...Ordered some sovereigns from Chards this week..in my hand within 2 days
  10. United Kingdom, United Kingdom Confirmed: 1,140 Deaths: 21 Recovered: 18 Active: 1,101 Does this mean more are dying than recovering..info just pulled of internet
  11. you get 6 free stamps with royal mail....https://shop.royalmail.com/special-stamp-issues/james-bond/james-bond-gold-proof-coin-cover
  12. gkoogk

    queens beasts

    Hi Guys i cant seem to find out how many 10 oz silver queen beasts are out or ready to buy as of today please kevin
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