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  1. https://shop.royalmail.com/special-stamp-issues/james-bond/james-bond-stamps-silver-proof-coin-cover
  2. Bought some James Bond gold and silver sets on 2/3/2020 was told couldn't deliver until middle of May..now received a letter saying cant deliver to middle of August now..WHY...Ordered some sovereigns from Chards this week..in my hand within 2 days
  3. This is my first ever dabble in stocks..saw how much cruise shares were so bought 100 of Carnival..Norwegian and Royal Caribbean..saw on internet 100 shares or more makes me a shareholder which entitles me to between $50 and $250 free spending money on nearly every cruise ship there is
  4. Invested £4300 into top 3 cruise lines yesterday now showing £4870 better than the 0.1% from the bank he he... im hoping USA commandeers them and turns them into hospital ships
  5. United Kingdom, United Kingdom Confirmed: 1,140 Deaths: 21 Recovered: 18 Active: 1,101 Does this mean more are dying than recovering..info just pulled of internet
  6. you get 6 free stamps with royal mail....https://shop.royalmail.com/special-stamp-issues/james-bond/james-bond-gold-proof-coin-cover
  7. ok hope you sell the other one quick ty
  8. gkoogk

    queens beasts

    Hi Guys i cant seem to find out how many 10 oz silver queen beasts are out or ready to buy as of today please kevin
  9. First in the 70s it was an ice age coming..then a huge irreparable hole in ozone layer..then global warming..now its climate CHANGE ..course the damn weathers gonna change over years
  10. gkoogk


    do you have a pic please..plus weight and price
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