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  1. Hello All, Been a while since I posted even though I have been browsing when time allows In India we don't have many companies who make Limited Edition Coins/Rounds, one company comes up with good limited edition coins and that is MMTC-PAMP. Post 2018 we didn't see anything new i.e. 2019... while we kept waiting. But in 2020 they came up with this excellent series: Video is in Hindi Language because I live in India and the audience prefer Hindi. But here are some details about the coin/round Mintage: 5,000 Metal: Silver Fineness: 999.9 Th
  2. So previously I posted about 24 Karat Gold Pendants by Muthoot and people liked it, so I am back with some more Indian Gold Pendants Pendant By: CandereMetal: GoldPurity: 24 KaratFineness: 999.0Weight: 1.3 Gram (Coin+Hook)BIS Hallmark: YESDesign: Swastik You can watch the unboxing + review video on YouTube as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFP0PLSVu7k Varun Kumar Indian Bullionaire
  3. I wanted to let you know the price they are available at as of now 2 Gram : INR 9553, USD 133.6, GBP 101 4 Gram: INR 19,952, USD 265 , GBP 200 The premium is super high in India, mainly because of the 12.5 % Import Duty. We usually buy metals during offers since it helps us in reducing the premium upto an extent that we get it below spot haha. Crazy Gold market
  4. I believe a few sites/jewellers might have a few pieces with them for sure. Last week they were available with someone I know. Website doesn’t show but maybe a piece or two is there.
  5. We get these at £335 in India, still only a handful get them. I thought 335 was expensive, but I guess exporting and margin is way off.
  6. Ya PAMP does have some cool pendants, I wanted to get them but country barrier
  7. Exporting is not legally allowed I think, but there could be people who took them to Europe/UK/US via their baggage and try to sell them via Ebay and other marketplaces. The site only allows for Indian residents so maybe it would be of no use to you. Added 0 minutes later... Absolutely, even I feel like opening a gold/silver gift shop consisting of smaller denominations haha.
  8. In India we have limited options when it comes to 24 Karat Gold jewellery, these days we are seeing 24 Karat Gold pendants that we are buying because of bullion goals. Let me know what you think about these 4 Gram Pendant in 999.0 Gold 2 Gram Variant of the same in 999.9 Gold EDIT: Adding videos for better view angles (please let me know if it’s against rules) 4 Grams 2 Grams Varun Kumar Indian Bullionaire
  9. 2020 Chinese Silver Panda ❤️ My First Panda 🐼
  10. Hi, just contacted them and they quoted GBP 12 for shipping to India for 1oz or 2 Oz coins. I had a good conversation though, if all works out @BleyerBullion it shall be. Thanks
  11. Thank you so much, any specific queen beast I should get first? I really wanted the Aztec, incredible! But unfortunately minimum order is 60 € :( Mountie looks great, I believe it comes mint shield tech too so that’s a plus. I seriously am confused which 1 beast I could go for.
  12. Hello I am going to buy my first 2 Oz coin but don’t know what to go for, I live in India so only Ebay is my source, most of the 2Oz coins are either from Canadian Mint or the Royal Mint UK. If anyone can suggest a coin which would make me buy another 2 Oz that’ll be great. Prefer: 2019/2020 issue, low premium, 9999 Silver. PS: You guys have helped a lot in the past when I was going to get my first few international coins so thanks a lot 😊
  13. I believe Silver is Silver, but the thing is since I would have to import/order from Europe hence the sellers should be having the generic silver but they don't have them. 20 One Ouncers will get caught in customs, can only order coins up to $100 so it slides. Hard to get access to amazing international bullion when you live in India haha.
  14. Sure! Please message me so we can talk there and I can help you out with some good sellers etc.
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