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  1. I'll take these 5 if still available thanks please confirm before 2pm thank you
  2. There will be silver coming up in the March sale, this will be a strong sale with more variation than the February sale which was very much geared towards sovereigns and much modern proof material.
  3. This is a very good point. Picking the right coins for auction consignment is a real art. The fear of losing money, or making less in auction than it could have sold for elsewhere, can only be overcome by seeing actual results (achieved prices). The search bar in the right hand corner on https://auctions.thecoincabinet.com/ is a free price research tool for anyone to use. In my opinion we can't tell anyone to consign to our auctions on the promise that they will come out winning, we can merely point to our achieved prices and then let the consignor work out the consignment list themselves. The longer your consignment list, the nearer the bottom line will be to the trading average. At the end of the day it's down to specific people being there on the day, logged in and in good spirit, free from family obligations and distractions. As such, auction prices can have an intimidating variance. But turned on its head, this creates exactly the opportunity that @Numistacker highlights, which allows everyone to be both a buyer and seller. The Coin Cabinet auctions are designed to be a marketplace for both.
  4. What about lot 69 - the 1963 sovereign which sold for £1,050? And lot 28 - the 2002 £2 which sold for £1,150? Would you not have been happy with these prices as a consignor? There were bargains and high prices mixed, some people would call this an auction!!
  5. This was certainly a good buy, and there were many others to be had.
  6. Good to hear you have been checking your emails Steve 😁
  7. Yes, £5k was expected for the 1989 £5 in PCGS PR70 DCAM, but I'm pleased to see this with still 1 hour to go in the eBay auction! Heritage auctions sold one (NGC PF70 UC) in January for $7,200 incl. premium and my last one (PCGS) sold for £5k on eBay, so this seems to be the market price. They will be worth more in the future considering how hard it is to get one in PR70 DCAM. And may I take the opportunity to point out here that while slabbing NGC may be cheaper, they tend to sell for less as PCGS are stricter (especially on the modern proofs). I will make a YouTube video on this topic at some point
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