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  1. LegaCy

    UK Junk silver

    sorry about that I had a feeling I shouldnt stray off topic lol
  2. LegaCy

    UK Junk silver

    ah I got yah dude, hey btw I was considering premium membership was just wondering is it a monthly fee or one time thing?
  3. LegaCy

    UK Junk silver

    ey wheres that at bud I've been keeping a close eye on the "buy and sell uk and eu" section aint seen any yet would appreciate a link greatly! I've had some ok deals on ebay I think its just about who else is on looking at the time if you know what I mean
  4. LegaCy

    UK Junk silver

    Yea man just having the coins in your hands looking at them takes you back to 1920 imagining REAL money being used to trade, it really is beautiful
  5. LegaCy

    UK Junk silver

    Man i've been trying to get some more on ebay last few days and jesus.... you talk about £1 over spot, most items are being bidded like £5+ over spot lol Pretty sure its cause the whole "crisis"
  6. Hey guys I might be missing something but after reading through the premium membership info I couldn't see anywhere if the fee is a one time payment or if its a monthly payment ? Cheers
  7. LegaCy

    UK Junk silver

    Aight man nice, cool to know people sell scrap silver here
  8. LegaCy

    UK Junk silver

    Hey guys i've been using silver scrap evaluators to buy old silver UK coins pre 1947 and 1920 recently but was looking for some deeper info really. Say now I wanted to sell these coins in the real world what would I be looking to get per oz lets say for pre 20/ per oz for pre 47. Is pre 47 a lot less desirable for stacking or harder to sell for its silver content for example, any tips for a beginner in these field would be great, thanks guys. oh one last thing if the time would come would 50% silver be harder to barter with perhaps lol?
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