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  1. I feel obligated to follow up my own case from a few posts before regarding buying from GS (goldsilver.be). Like I said (and I was a bit unsure with the seller), I bought Royal Arms from them and today morning I've got it It was super-fast, I sent WT on Monday, they confirmed on Tuesday, sent the item on Wednesday and it took only 1 day to ship from BE to PL. I wouldn't believe if I hadn't the coin in my hands One more thing, the package was absolutely great secured, package in package, foam, bubble envelope, foil. All credits to them. I'm totally satisfied BTW, the coin is just g
  2. I wish I had an option to buy in US without EU tax/custom punishment. Recently almost all good and most importantly available options to buy platinum are in US. I really envy them... Anyway, Royal Arms are available now in gs.be: https://goldsilver.be/en/home/3232-uk-1-oz-platinum-royal-arms-2020-100.html I think I take a risk and buy one. I mean risk because like I asked before here I have no feeling that anyone here can definitely say that they're reliable now but in the past many bought from them. Moreover GS uses the language like "we send the items when we send the items an
  3. Goldsilver it is. I've noticed that abbreviations are used on the forum for some reason, probably I was wrong thinking that this is common, sorry for that.
  4. Great hint, thx, got one as well. 17 pieces left at this moment only... and decreases with every minute. One thing though, since you pointed to GS.be source in previous posts. Do you have purchase experience with them? In opposite to EM, they have terrible opinions... They've got some platinum available (?) right now but I'm personally really afraid if it's a safe business...
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