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Entry to 10,000+ member prize draws ended. (10 oz custom BYB bar 1/1 + custom 1oz BYB round 1/1) DRAWS to be drawn soon........
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    Buy two, and make a dumbbell.
  2. Check out Equinix (EQIX), more and more companies move their infrastructure to the cloud, and Equinix provides connection to public cloud providers (Google, AWS, MS Azure), also provides unique NFV solutions to connect them to their private cloud infrastructure.
  3. Hello All, I live in Poland, I`m an engineer, and I just started stacking silver, and joined this forum to learn about the trade. I`m a stacker, not a collector. In my opinion, to be a real collector, you need to have a soul, and as an engineer, I don`t have one. Either you good at math, or you have a soul. You can`t have both. So I`m happy to be here, I hope I can find people who I can trade with, or just have a conversation about stacking, silver, and how Jeffery Epstein didn`t kill himself.
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