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  1. It was awesome @BackyardBullion! So much silver!!! And that one lonely golden coin
  2. don't want to argue about metal itself, but collecting numismatics is in a way an investment. Coin collecting is doing well and will be doing well in the near future. And i don't think you have to buy a super rare 1756 golden ducat to "invest". My strategy include old silver circulation coins. And with a 19th century silver coin i bet its price wont go down with time.
  3. Try eBay. Maybe prices are not the best, but there is stock out there. It's best to read up and focus on specifics before hitting auctions
  4. Thank you all! I hope I'll have some coins to show you soon!
  5. Hello there! Greetings from Scotland. Caught the bug in late February so I was ready for the dip My goal is to reach 420 toz somewhere in the distant future and my favourite piece is my 2020 Silver Maple Leaf Cheers!
  6. Thank you @BackyardBullion! Let us know when to spam you with our invoices. I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of them I use Revolut and it's the bomb! Euro to GBP to Euro transfers are super easy. Only negative is that you have to scan a document in the app, but use an old one and you good.
  7. Super, thanks for the update! I managed to order more when the dip hit and please don't hate me but i scored a 2020 silver maple leaf for only €13.90!!! (only ordered 1 though, but still!)
  8. Hi all! First post here as i'm super new. Really loving group orders. Huge thank you to @BackyardBullion, if it wasn't for you I would not be able to buy just right in the dip! Thanks! If you are wandering who bought last two of those 1oz Athenian Owl coins, it was me ps. I send you @BackyardBullion an email, but i've attached my invoice so it might've go straight to spam.
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