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  1. Haven’t been on for a while. Thanks for advice chaps!
  2. 1 QB falcon 1 QB griffin 20 QB White lion 5 QB Lion I’m not looking to sell, just wondering if it’s worth paying for storage when the day I choose to sell them I may be better off selling privately and will have to take delivery anyway. They all show online at Baird as having a sell price of £1,436 whereas looking at how much the Lions, for example, seem to cost, I’m guessing I’d get more elsewhere.
  3. I have various queens beasts bought over the last few years in storage at a uk bullion dealer. The sale price quoted with my stored items is well below market rate for those coins. Would I be better off taking delivery of the coins and selling privately? Excuse my ignorance. Regards JAGP
  4. I bought a few 1oz coins several years ago. I’ve just started buying some more recently but noticed that there is now a huge premium on the 2016 Queens beast, lion of England and a couple of the beast series are out of stock at uk billion dealers. 2 questions: Why the premium? How/where do I get the ones I’m missing?
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