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  1. Fair play for letting us all know.
  2. And after my chat they blamed developer for incorrect prices which have just been updated. I wouldn’t touch them and stick to what you know.
  3. Was bored at work so had a online chat, looked up a 2020 sovereign @ $316 and could have checked out at that price. However after asking if price was correct they came back at £370. No idea if it’s a scam or legit but if they can’t keep prices up to date I personally would go elsewhere.
  4. Thanks, as I suspected. Yes it’s a bullion sovereign and I payed spot for it, coin will go in my stack and cover in the recycling bin.
  5. Picked up this sovereign recently. Before I rip it out of this Benham cover I thought I would ask the forum. For me it adds no value and I have no idea what the connection to a 1910 sovereign this cover has. If anyone knows any different let me know.
  6. Just sold some sovs recently, no takers from the forum. Yes there are risks, but not as many would have you believe. I recently had a buyer state that the package was empty (1 sovereign). eBay case opened, I had my tracking with proof of delivery and case was closed in my favour in a matter of hours. Made a Royal Mail claim as recommended by eBay to do everything I can for buyer. Requested pictures of package etc from buyer, never heard from them again. You can protect yourself further by what accounts you have linked to your PayPal and personally I don’t keep any funds in my PayPal account.
  7. I assume your talking about the Dunkirk quarter sovs that are £99. You are paying about a fiver over spot so no harm in my opinion, just see it as 2g of 22ct gold and ignore all the literature you will get with them. If it’s gold and close to spot and your happy buying at current prices fill your boots.
  8. Full bullion grade 2020 sovereign for sale £373 including special delivery. U.K. buyers
  9. Multiple accounts but like I say in to double figures on one account so either there not checking or don’t care at moment.
  10. I think he’s taking profit over his “1 per household” policy I’m into double figures (on my account ). Just got to play the game with them
  11. Good old H&B sovs below spot, for that I will put up with the junk mail which all goes in the shredder unopened.
  12. Just like their 2016 full sovereign for £260 😂
  13. Another RM 50p, IMHO these are getting boring now and way overpriced. If I was going to spend 1k on gold today it would be on bullion sovs
  14. Bought and sold lots on eBay, get my best prices selling on there. Only had one fake sovereign but it was a good one and tested as gold. Very easy to get money back. if you take a few precautions and research the sellers it can be good. That being said it is very much buyer beware lots of fake bars as discussed. The fake sovereign I discussed was later sold by same seller despite my reporting.
  15. Certainly interesting times ahead in the short term. Just got a refund on my holiday that was booked for next month. Now what to do with the money🤔
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