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  1. Multiple accounts but like I say in to double figures on one account so either there not checking or don’t care at moment.
  2. I think he’s taking profit over his “1 per household” policy I’m into double figures (on my account ). Just got to play the game with them
  3. Good old H&B sovs below spot, for that I will put up with the junk mail which all goes in the shredder unopened.
  4. Zimmerman

    Josephine Coins

    Just like their 2016 full sovereign for £260 😂
  5. Another RM 50p, IMHO these are getting boring now and way overpriced. If I was going to spend 1k on gold today it would be on bullion sovs
  6. Bought and sold lots on eBay, get my best prices selling on there. Only had one fake sovereign but it was a good one and tested as gold. Very easy to get money back. if you take a few precautions and research the sellers it can be good. That being said it is very much buyer beware lots of fake bars as discussed. The fake sovereign I discussed was later sold by same seller despite my reporting.
  7. Certainly interesting times ahead in the short term. Just got a refund on my holiday that was booked for next month. Now what to do with the money🤔
  8. Zimmerman

    Where to sell

    Re eBay It’s only worthwhile with £1 selling fees and yes you pay 3.4% PayPal fees. i don’t know the answer but look at sold prices and you will see that you can get very good prices, certainly better than dealers and people pay more than sites such as bullion by post. Also some bargains every now and then. I don’t think it’s as risky as is made out. If you want a sure fire way of being scammed just go on Shpock 😂
  9. Bairds is the cheapest I have found recently £361 For a full sov delivered if you order now.
  10. Re storage lots of options, but personally I wouldn’t pay for storage, just got to be a bit imaginative where you stash your coins away. Don’t have to all be in same place either. re proof of ownership, you will have bank records/PayPal etc. When I’ve sold to dealers all they have ever asked for (not always) is id and sign a declaration that you have the right to sell the metal to them. Then walked away with cash in pocket or wired straight to my account.
  11. Personally if I were you keep saving until you can afford either a half or full sovereign to get you going. If your desperate to invest the money you have now I would probably opt for the silver option.
  12. Just to let you all know, tried my luck and have had no problem ordering more than my “one per household” from them, infant managed to order three times in past month, all in hand. Current price is £339.
  13. Sold one today for 325 spent £588 yesterday, the one I’m keeping effectively cost me £263 That’s my strategy, takes me longer to get to my end goal but I see that I’m strengthening my position when I sell up in the future.
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